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Add Some Natural Light With a Bold Color Scheme – The Bohemian bedroom style is an artistic thing, aesthetically speaking, and its child, the Bohemian bedroom furniture, is mostly the same as well. The secret to Bohemian bedroom furniture is to leave it feeling like the type of room that you would design when you were fresh out of college, with a fresh batch of ideas and a lot of energy. You don’t want to settle for the rustic look that has been all but institutionalized or even the kitsch chic that has unfortunately become a staple in many peoples’ bedrooms. In other words, you want your Bohemian furniture to be “you” furniture, designed with your own personality and style in mind.

The Best Bohemian Bedroom Furniture

Here’s what you want your Bohemian bedroom furniture to do for you: make you feel relaxed and in control, letting your artistic nature shine through. But how does that happen? How do you get that “designer” effect you are after without being too sappy and kitschy? It’s easy, really. Just keep the style and design of Bohemian bedroom furniture as simple as possible, because the less frills you add, the better.

Color is the key. When selecting Bohemian bedroom ideas, remember that the colors you use should be as simple as possible, with any colors used having just a hint of colorization… nothing over the top, nothing subtle. Neutral tones are best, especially if you pick rich shades that tend to be a bit monotonous. Contrasting colors can be useful, as well, but try not to go overboard with them; a light or pale tone on your walls can lend itself very nicely to Bohemian colors, especially if the room’s other colors are bold or bright. Colors like lavender or geranium will work extremely well, especially if they complement each other in complementary ways, as well as against one another. If you have a lot of reds and oranges in your home already, these contrasting colors can really tie your room together.

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas with Plants

Plants are also great for complementing your Bohemian bedroom ideas, although not everything has to be a bonsai tree or a specimen plant. Herbs, candles, and incense can all be great accents to the decor. Choose containers for them that are as earthy as possible, and not in an overly ornate way, so as not to take away from the minimalist look. Clay pots and baskets work particularly well, because they can be both rustic and decorative at the same time.


Tapestries are always a nice touch, especially large tapestries that have a colorful scene on the outside, as this can look lovely when hung as a wallpaper border, or over a window. A wide rectangular piece of fabric is ideal for putting up a tapestry as a focal point, as it will frame the view but won’t cover the wall itself. As with any wall art, tapestries can be expensive to purchase and hang, but they’re also very easy to put up yourself. Just use the same tapestry frame throughout the bedroom and the rest of the house, to create a look of unity and uniformity. If you want, you can even find cheap fabric to use as tapestries and cut it yourself, saving even more money than you spent on the tapestry itself. Just remember to always sew them back together to keep them from fraying.

Uniting Colors in a Bohemian Bedroom

Another way to make a statement in your bedroom is with a large comforter. A bold geometric comforter is going to be incredibly eye-striking, drawing your eye right into the center of the room. Comforters tend to be fairly large, because they’re meant to keep you warm, but they don’t have to be rectangular to be bold. You could choose a comforter with a bold pattern or even one made entirely of stripes, just to help bring together the bold colors from your bedding and curtains to create a cohesive look.

Taller pieces of furniture such as a canopy or a day table can also help define your room as being a bit off the center of the normal spectrum. A large canopy set up in the center of the room would be a bold and gorgeous touch, especially complemented by tall wooden pieces such as a day table. Using wooden plaques or photo frames around the edge of the canopy, either with or without flowers can also help give the impression that the room is floating above the rest of the house. Tall wood chandeliers or pendant light can also be used along with wooden pieces to help define the Bohemian feel of the room even more.

The final thing that you should consider is coordinating colors. Try to find at least two or three different tones that match each other in texture and design, as well as a color scheme that matches your lifestyle and personality. Colors such as red, green and blue are usually associated with times of happiness (such as Christmas), but corals and yellows can signify happiness and cheerfulness (more than Christmas). Pinks and purples can also denote feelings of sweetness, whereas orange and red are associated with passionate and playful feelings.



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