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Adding touches of elegance to Your Room With a Shabby Chic Wardrobe – Wardrobe armoire is basically a freestanding or built-in armoire with a glass top or doors. Wardrobes in general have many drawers and cabinets where clothes can be put. You will find them in various sizes and shapes depending on the size of the room. Usually, an armoire can hold around twenty to thirty pieces of clothing.

Decorating Old Furniture to Look New

Shabby chic wardrobe can be an exquisite piece of furniture specially if it is handcrafted from quality materials such as wood and iron. When choosing your shabby chic wardrobe, always remember that your goal is to preserve its original condition so it won’t look new for a long time. So, before you start to decorate it, be sure to check if there is already any damage and if you can fix it with the help of professionals. If you are a beginner and you just painted the furniture then you can use some furniture wax to seal the paint. You should apply wax to any painted furniture that you want to keep its original color.

Painting an armoire can really be a challenge since it usually has big windows and huge doorways. For your shabby chic wardrobe, you can start to paint using a white shabby chic wardrobe with lots of lace details. After you’ve painted it, let it dry for a few hours so that the paint can properly dry. After that, you can start to add finishing touches to your shabby chic wardrobe by using different kinds of fabrics, small beads and leather or silk items. Remember to use wool or cotton fabrics that are not too heavy since they will cover the whole surface of the wardrobe.

Painting with a Matching Color Scheme

The classic black bedroom furniture is one of the most popular items in shabby chic wardrobe. You can paint it with a white shabby chic wardrobe, but you can also do other colors such as blue, green or even brown. However, if you decide to use one of those colored shabby chic wardrobes, be sure to paint it with a coordinating color scheme so that it will match the rest of your house. You can also choose to paint one wall in a bold color so that it will stand out. Other than the walls, you should also consider your bedding because it will also make your room stylish and warm.

Another great thing about shabby chic furniture paint is that you can paint it yourself since there are no hard rules when it comes to painting. As long as you have all the necessary materials such as paint, paper, rags and brushes, then you are good to go. You can even try your hand on different kinds of patterns or designs. If you are not confident with painting and you don’t want to hassle with doing it by yourself, you can always go to a local home depot and ask for advice from one of their interior decorators.

After choosing your fabrics, you need to think about how to use them. When you choose to buy fabric for your wardrobe, be sure that you will be using all of it or most of it so that it will not look too messy. One way of making your pieces look clean and fresh is by applying furniture wax to your pieces. You may also use spray glue or furniture wax in order to apply it to the fabric. Before you spray glue or wax, however, you must first remove the wrinkles by using furniture wax or spray glue.

Great Furniture Addition for the Bedroom

Shabby chic bedroom furniture armoires are great addition to your bedroom, since it adds a touch of style and elegance. Today, there are many types of wardrobe armoires available and you can find the perfect one that will match your taste and the theme of your room. Some of the most popular styles include those that are antique looking, country looking or contemporary. There are also those that have beautiful carvings and are created beautifully.

Some of the best materials used in making shabby chic furniture include cotton, linen, chenille, and chiffon. These materials are very soft and comfortable. Cotton has the ability to breathe well and it can be easily maintained using cotton clothes. Linen is very absorbent and it will dry very fast. Other materials that are often used are chenille, craft paper, and lace.



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