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Choosing a Color Scheme For a Small Scandinavian Dining Room

Masezza.comScandinavian decor in your dining area doesn’t set any apart from the rest of the interiors; it generally goes hand-in-hand with its own common rules: tidiness, quirkiness and charity. The most common elements are white and wood, but you’ll also come across dark woods, reds, tans and metals. The dining area most commonly used by the rest of the family is usually white, with a couple of exceptions (i.e. black and tans in rural areas, and pink and green in more urban areas) and is decorated using mainly unique artwork and details. It’s the perfect place to break away from the everyday stuff.

Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Layout

The layout of most modern Scandinavian kitchens follows straight, clean lines and few or no curves. The concept is simple: use as many natural materials as possible, including wood, stone, glass, metal, mirrors, furniture, glassware and leather. You won’t find too many decorative touches, as most of the interior design focuses on functionality, but the aim is to create an attractive, light-filled room with the right amount of character and interest.

The first thing you should do when you want to create a Scandinavian interior design in your kitchen is to select the appropriate color palette. If you’re planning to match a Scandinavian motif to the overall appearance of the room, then it’s advisable to go with a monochromatic scheme. Alternatively, you can complement the Scandinavian theme by selecting complementary colors like dark woods with light accents, deep purples and greens with pale blue and grey, etc. The furniture, as well as the accessories should be in similar tones.

Use Of Contrasting Textures

Another thing you should keep in mind when making a Scandinavian design for your kitchen is the use of contrasting textures. Scandinavian kitchens tend to have a lot of wooden furnishings, as wood provides a very warm and relaxing effect. For example, wooden flooring and counters provide a very welcoming atmosphere in a restaurant. Likewise, a wooden buffet and table provide an excellent focal point for your dining room. Similarly, a large wooden crate with fish displayed on its lid provides an impressive display.

A large wooden table, paired with a couple of chairs in soft tones can be an excellent choice for your dining room. It provides a perfect backdrop for conversation with friends, as well as providing some extra seating when family gatherings are taking place. The color scheme of the Scandinavian kitchen should also follow a similar color scheme. If you want your kitchen to appear more authentic, you can choose dark-colored countertops and wooden tableware with leather accents, which will provide a warm and relaxing effect in your dining room.

Choosing a Color for The Dining Room

When it comes to choosing a color for your Scandinavian design dining room, the options are almost endless. Dark woods such as oak and birch are the most popular choices for wooden furniture, although you can also find beautiful cherry, mahogany and maple wood furnishings. Some people even prefer to match their wooden table with a wooden bar stool or a wooden coffee table. For something completely different, you can also find a modern Scandinavian design with a glass tabletop.

While this might seem like a more unusual choice for your kitchen, you can also find a number of interesting Scandinavian dining room design ideas that don’t require a traditional table. For instance, a tall and narrow bar stool with wooden legs or a wooden match table with a glass top will look fantastic in a Scandinavian style kitchen. If you have a modern kitchen, then the same can be said for a country kitchen or a rustic kitchen. For an extremely unique and unusual look, you can even choose to go with an asymmetrical chandelier – something that would make a great item for a wooden bar stool or an island bar.

Of course, you can create a truly unique dining room by adding other elements that match the overall style of the design. In particular, you want to pay attention to the type of chairs you buy. The style of the furniture can set the overall mood, but the color of the chairs can actually enhance the mood. As an example, if you buy a black leather dining room chair, you want to tone down the black leather by purchasing white or off-white chairs. This will pull up your entire room together and create a unique image source. In fact, many manufacturers of Scandinavian dining room furniture include a palette with colors matched to the color of the chairs, which means that you are sure to come up with a chair set that has an overall mood that is unique.



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