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Coastal Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces – Add both fashion and function to your coastal bathroom with built-in shelving. Use open shelves to store basics like toothbrushes, first aid supplies, and sea-themed decor. Also consider using a shelf as a spot to showcase treasured artwork or small findings like starfish and sea sponges.

Transform the Bathroom Into a Relaxing Retreat

Coastal decor evokes the beach, so choose paint colors that bring a serene and natural ambiance to your room. Try shades of blue that reflect the ocean, such as Sherwin-Williams Rain or Behr Smoke. A coastal theme works well in small spaces, transforming bathrooms into soothing retreats. Using timeless neutrals, pops of blue, and subtle nautical accents, this design style evokes feelings of relaxing beach vacations.

Towels are essential for any bathing room, but a pair in a striped pattern can add a coastal touch. Whether hanging from a hook or draped across a tub, this simple bathroom decor idea is both functional and elegant. Decorative details like framed artwork featuring favorite sea creatures can also work wonders in a coastal bathroom. Even a simple woven planter filled with palm leaves can bring a sense of the shore indoors.

Adding an accent wall with coastal wallpaper is a fun way to incorporate the theme without overwhelming a small space. Look for a design that has a sand-inspired print or ocean-inspired color, such as blues and tans. If you prefer a more subtle approach, consider a neutral wallpaper that has a soft texture, like a jute or sisal design. Adding gold accents to your coastal bathroom brings a tasteful, sophisticated touch that’s perfect for spaces where you might want to dress up beach-inspired decor. Use metallic tiles to create a subtle, elegant look that complements polished chrome hardware and white towels.

Makes a Coastal Bathroom Cozy While Adding Visual Texture

Add a hint of whimsy to your coastal bathroom with a sea-themed wallpaper that showcases a playful fish print, like the design used in this kids’ bath. The striped mirror and seashells add unmistakable coastal flair to the space. Natural materials, like wood and woven elements, cozy up coastal bathrooms while adding visual texture. A rattan pendant light, a jute floor runner and a stack of tasseled Turkish cotton towels can all contribute to your beach-inspired bathroom.

Neutral colors keep coastal design feeling breezy and fresh, while letting you play with brighter shades that evoke ocean life. Sandy beiges, stone grays and cloudy whites are classic choices for a seaside palette. You can also choose shell-shaped or gemstone glass tile for a textured, shimmering effect. Add a dash of color to a coastal bathroom with pink and orange accessories. These bright shades delight the eye, and they pair well with white and brown hues. For example, a pink towel and an orange-scented candle in a clear vase can accent a vanity. A trinket dish filled with shells can also be a fun decor element in your bathroom.

Adding wood elements and other neutrals to a coastal bathroom is another easy way to create the look. Neutrals like sandy beiges, stone grays, and cloudy whites provide a palette that’s relaxing, beachy, and serene. You can also use wood in your countertop or flooring to create a unique coastal style. Then, choose bathroom mirrors, lights, and fixtures that reflect your new look. Remember to include some greenery, whether it’s real or faux, to help the space feel fresh and natural. That’s what makes coastal design so appealing!

A Classic Choice for Bathroom Remodeling

White subway tiles are a classic choice for bathroom remodeling, and they work well with all decor styles. These tiles are strong and glazed, so they can stand up to water and wear and tear without looking dull or chipping. They’re also easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about stains or dirt.

You can use different laying patterns for subway tiles to change the perception of the room. For example, arranging them vertically is a great way to make a small bathroom appear bigger. You can also use a herringbone pattern to create an eye-catching design or an offset pattern to add depth to the room.

Coastal blue or earthy green wallpapers can really pop against the background of a white subway tile bathroom. This makes it a perfect space to experiment with bold colors or one-of-a-kind designs. Just be sure to keep the rest of the bathroom simple, so the details can shine and take center stage. If you have and want to send articles to Masezza, you can visit this page!

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