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Creating Your Own Eclectic Living Room Decor –┬áHave you ever wanted a funky, eclectic living room? I know I have. My brother-in-law used to call my living room the “Yinzer Room.” It had just the right blend of eclectic good taste, cheap furniture and antiques that were in good repair. But I’ve also seen that it can be hard to pull off in many different homes.

Tips for Having an Eclectic Living Room

What does it mean to have an eclectic living room? The most important element is balance. Everything needs to be in harmony with each other. Your sofa and cabinets need to be a good fit, or your eclectic style will be ruined by the “too much” colors, textures, or shapes that crowd the space. Here are some tips on how to pull off an eclectic living room without being too crazy.

There are some very interesting ways of decorating your home that utilize both your eclectic style and the different elements of your home’s decorating styles. One way that many people do this is to create a “Gallery Wall,” which is simply a long row of coordinating photos or art that runs along a wall. Another way is to use an arch over the fireplace that is decorated with photos or knick-knacks that are representative of the season. Then pull the rest of the room together around this central accent. Many people do both, creating long rows of photos on a gallery wall while also using furniture that matches or accents that of the specific decorating style.

You might consider breaking your decorating style up into smaller areas that represent various aspects of your lifestyle (hippie, hip mom, country, high tech). This is a good way to create some character in the room as well as making it look more eclectic. For example, you might choose to place a photo of your son in a baby blue flannel comforter surrounded by other items that evoke a country or hippie design style. Your Asian themed room might contain photos of architecture, Asian decor, or just a beach house. The idea is that the different styles are complimentary to each other and make for a very fun living space!

Creating the Look and Feel of an Eclectic Design Style

An eclectic living room can be furnished in a number of bold and beautiful ways. While the color palette is definitely a key component, it doesn’t have to be overly colorful. In fact, many designers make bolder colors the focal point of the living room, using them to either accent a particular style or create a very specific look and feel. In this case, a black coffee table and a few chairs will be enough to get your creative juices flowing, while you bring in other elements of the design style to carry the conversation.

One of the most popular ways that people incorporate eclectic living room decor pieces is with fabric. Many designers these days are creating interesting and quirky fabrics that can give a room a funky and interesting vibe. Whether you decide to go with a floral print or something that is a bit more toned down, you can find a great-looking piece of fabric at an interesting price.

How to Integrate an Eclectic Living Room Decor Theme

Another way that you can incorporate an eclectic living room decor theme is with the use of contrasting colors. If you place a sofa with a lovely floral print in the middle of a black and white area rug, the eye will be immediately drawn towards it. You can then choose other pieces of furniture in the color palette such as a few vases, candles, and a few candles. This will create a very unique look, but one that is very inviting as well!

Keep in mind that the rug is not the only thing that needs to be in your living room. Other items such as lamps, paintings, and wall art can help pull the whole look together. If you have a beautiful table that you love so much, you can use it as the focal point for a colorful and interesting wall art collection. By using the right colors and a beautiful living room rug, you can achieve a very chic look that is both intriguing and unique!



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