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Decorating With a Vintage Family Room

Masezza.comCreating a vintage style home can make any home more appealing and warm. When people think of vintage they think of bygone eras with lots of traditions and old world charm. Creating a home that is inviting and charming is the perfect way to bring life back to those who use it. When designing your family room, take time to think about the unique characteristics of each room. This will help you decide how to design your vintage family room.

Tips for Decorating a Vintage Victorian Home

Vintage Victorian Home Decor Old country decorations mixed with new bold accents. Mixing in a combination of antiques and vintage decorations will give any home a look that will be warm and inviting. Adding vintage lamps to a vintage country home can add an air of romance and charm. Focusing on old accessories can make a room feel more like a vacation home than a traditional house. Placing an old brass candelabra next to an antique China cabinet can add romance and charm to any vintage family room.

Vintage Furniture Placement Antiques and modern styles should be strategically placed throughout your home to blend well with the architecture and furnishings. Place furniture that coordinates with your style and antiques. The sofa and chair that match your upholstered rocking chairs should match the style of your upholstered dining room chairs. By strategically placing antiques and modern furniture together you can make your vintage style seems very clean and crisp.

Cleaning Materials Tries going with only natural cleaning materials. Bamboo slippers made from wood instead of plastic and metal pieces, vintage paintings, pottery and especially if your pieces have any kind of metal decorations should be cleaned with a natural, oil based cleaner such as Tea Tree Oil. By using oils that are safe to use on antiques and other vintage style furnishings you can help to create a look that is clean and light, rather than dark and worn.

Considering Using Vintage Style Lighting

Lighting Consider using vintage style lighting. Vintage lamps tend to be very simple with a low wattage bulb. Instead you may want to invest in a Victorian style chandelier which features a high wattage bulb. This can create a wonderful ambience in the room while also creating warmth and a romantic atmosphere. A vintage chandelier is a classic that can fit into virtually any room.


Door Handles One thing to keep in mind when using vintage style doors is to be sure and wipe your glass doors down after each use to make sure they are free of dirt and dust. Using mineral spirits or white vinegar can help remove stains and dirt from your glass doors. For a unique look you can actually paint the handles a different color than the rest of the door. Another creative idea for vintage door handles is to use acrylic paint and draw designs on them. Acrylic paints are great because they are easily cleaned and there is no risk of chipping.

Choose Luxurious Antique Furniture

Antiques and Furniture Another important aspect of creating a vintage look is to use authentic items. This includes not only antiques but furniture as well. When purchasing furniture be sure to keep in mind the eras from which it comes. In particular older pieces may lack some of the new features available today. Be sure to avoid purchasing furniture for your room that is extremely uncomfortable or will not conform to your personal needs. Be sure to focus on allowing everyone in the room to be comfortable and have enough space to move about and relax.

There are several ways to incorporate a vintage theme into your living room. By using these ideas and more you can create the perfect look for your home. By paying attention to small details you can create a timeless, cozy space for everyone to enjoy.



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