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Decorating Your Shabby Chic Family Room –┬áTake a closer look at that shabby chic family room! Decorated with an eclectic sea-inspired way, this shabby chic family room is just right for the holidays. Traditional grey-pinked walls and light-blue curtains let the eye-catchy, weathered, vintage-looking vintage Classen Fresco Adventure Line laminate flooring to really shine! This one-of-a-kind family room decorator style also gives you a luxurious feeling that you will love every minute of every day. With its vintage fabrics and shabby chic design, you’ll have a family that looks beautiful all year around!

Selection of The Best Shabby Chic Furniture

Choose shabby chic furniture pieces like the chairs and tables with distressed oak or pine woods that feature a lovely distressed effect. They are rich and inviting, while giving the room a very warm and cozy feeling. Add in some wicker lamps or candle holders in various shades of blue or purple. The distressed effect makes these charming accessories even more inviting. Add in a few vintage throw pillows on the sofa that are decorated with sea shell designs and beads. A nice little fish painted lamp with sea shells on the front is another great accessory to add.

The Shabby Chic bedding is so soft and comforting, that it almost feels like you’re sleeping on wicker or wood. Look for shabby chic patterns like chenille, fringed ecru, and barn bark with a vintage look. Or try a shabby chic collection of chenille samplers and duvets in shades of purple and brown. The texture and colors of these items will gently caress your body as you sink into your favorite shabby chic bed.

Shabby chic is all about the furniture. Choose bedroom sets with a French country look like those made in Bordeaux or with Venetian marble. The shabby chic furniture will give your room a warm and laid back feel. Add in a few shabby chic ottomans for extra comfort.

Most Popular Shabby Chic Furniture Material

Shabby chic furniture is made from reclaimed wood and recycled plastic. These types of materials are beautiful and inviting. Look for shabby chic beds in dark wood with deep stained details or cherry finished in black or brown. Look for shabby chic cabinets in white with decorative finials, old bookcases, and an abundance of candles. If you want a more modern look, choose shabby chic furniture and metal appliances with a distressed look.

The shabby chic style is all about the bed – choose a chic bed in a honey-colored wood or create a master bedroom out of an old bureau. You can create an old world shabby chic look by adding old rosewood headboards to your bed. Purchase an overstuffed comforter on your bed and add vintage pillows in shabby chic fabrics such as silk.

Gives a Victorian Touch to Shabby Chic Furniture

An old dresser can be given a new finish by using a Victorian shabby chic finish. This can give your bedroom a romantic and feminine touch that will make it perfect for your little one. Use your shabby chic furniture to add a splash of color by using contrasting accent rugs. You can add this to your bed, side table, or any place where you would like to add a feminine touch. You can also add a floral linen table runner, if you have an all brown room.

Shabby chic is a fun and fresh way to decorate your home. Create a charming and romantic atmosphere by using old French furniture and fabric. Add an airy touch with shabby chic lighting and add that feminine touch with a few pillows and a chandelier earring set. With just a few accessories, your shabby chic French furniture will surely bring in the ambiance you’re looking for.



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