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Decorating Your Tropical Living Room – Relaxing tropical living rooms are becoming extremely popular these days, because of their natural elegance and fresh style. If you want your room to breathe life into your home and make it feel like a tropical island, then incorporating some of these “outside the box” ideas can really invigorate the room and make it more welcoming and inviting to your guests. When most people think of tropical living room, they think of a beach themed tropical island with palm trees and coconut palm trees, and green mountains that lead into the ocean. This is definitely not what tropical living room looks like! It’s much more relaxing and soothing. And you don’t necessarily have to be situated in the tropics!

Tropical Living Room Decor Ideas

Tropical living room decor ideas come in so many different forms and styles. Some tropical concepts involve large, lush plants set against a sandy background. Others incorporate darker hues and richer, earthier tones. Yet another popular tropical living room concept is to create a warm, tropical feel by painting the wall colors to match that of the grass beneath your feet (or wherever you happen to be staking your tropical heels).

A great place to start when searching for your ideal tropical living room concept is to take a trip outside of your home and look at the different exterior decor that you admire. Have a close look at the designs and the style of tiles, furniture and accessories that you find appealing. By taking this small but important step, you’ll be able to better define the qualities and moods that you’d like to convey through your interior design.

Choose the Most Popular Rattan Chair

Rattan and wicker chairs are very popular choices for tropical living room themes. These pieces are made from natural materials, such as rattan, which has a very distinctive smooth, mellow charm. When combined with other types of accent chairs, such as wrought iron or upholstered pieces, a rattan chair can add interest to a plain space while giving it a warm, inviting feel. One of the best things about rattan and wicker chairs is that you can take them almost anywhere – including your beach house or a beautiful resort in Jamaica! If you love the idea of using wicker and rattan pieces, then choosing these two materials is a great way to get the look you want without having to spend a lot of money on purchasing authentic pieces from abroad.

When choosing tropical living room furniture, you want to choose pieces that will age well with the environment in which they will be placed. Luckily, furniture stores have a wide variety of seating options that will fit with just about any motif. You should pay particular attention to fabrics and cushions. With fabric, you’ll have plenty of choices – from lightweight chenille prints to heavy-duty canvas backed cushions. For hardwood chairs, look for styles that are constructed from natural materials (such as rattan) that will weather well in both high humidity and direct sunlight.

Beach Themed Trend Living Room

One of the most popular trends in tropical living rooms is coastal, beach themes. You can create this theme by picking up bright, island-themed wall decor, adding large flowers to the back of couches and loveseats, and choosing fabrics with casual beach flair. Since you don’t have a lot of walls to cover, you can rely on window treatments to keep the room cool, although you might consider covering your windows in light blue or tropical shades to reflect the bright outdoors. Remember to choose cushions with light colors and patterns that pair well with the color scheme – you’ll also want to add a few beachy accessories to complete the look.

Beachy designs are also popular in contemporary living rooms, but because they are more utilitarian, you’ll want to choose more elegant designs. You can achieve this look by focusing on fabrics like linen, cotton, and brushed twill. Choose accessories with a similar texture and fabric, such as pillows and throws. If you want to try something different, go for small, smooth glass front doors with modern designs so they can match the soft colors of your furniture and floor lamps. Glass front doors also give you a convenient way to display tropical objects without blocking your view of other areas of your home.

To complete your tropical living room, add some decorative screens to your patio, deck, or window. These screens allow you to show off your favorite fruits, vegetables, and tropical plants, while keeping your outdoor living room space private and special. These screens come in a variety of tropical designs, from palm trees to coconut palm trees and even butterflies. The simplest designs are very simple, but larger and more detailed designs add a touch of natural earth elegance to your contemporary living room.



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