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Design Ideas For White Living Room Areas – The white living room is one of the most versatile spaces in your home. There are so many uses for it, yet it can also be the most boring. As a matter of fact, white tends to get in the way of most decorating themes. The good news is that you can brighten your white living room up by finding some great ideas for accent furnishings.

White Living Room Ideas Using Lights

The white living room generally comes from a multitude of colors and shapes and therefore you could meander around among them without spending too much money or time. A great idea would be to create a focal point using a beautiful chandelier, a floor lamp, or a pendant light as the centerpiece item. This could be your favorite table or accent piece that you love, or perhaps it could be something simple that draws people into it. Here are a few ideas for using a single accent item to create a statement lighting effect in your space.

Soft Furnishings Your white living room can feel quite bare if you choose dull hardwood flooring or extremely plain furniture. A wonderful option for you would be to add a few cushions to your bare floor. This will add a soft, welcoming feel to the space while making it look like the place was designed just for your guests. Pair black and white cushions with a neutral color table cloth and a couple of candles to create a relaxing color palette.

Using a Brown Sofa with a White Living Room Accent

Accent Pieces One of the easiest ways to bring an accent piece into your space is to use it as a precursor to other color additions. This works especially well if you choose a complimentary color that has a soft feel to it. In this case, you’d be able to pair a rich chocolate brown couch with a soft white living room accent piece such as a basket of flowers. If you want to create a more subtle effect, you could also consider pairing a bold metal accent with a pale brown leather sofa or white headboard.

Wall Color When you choose a warm color for your walls, you’re going to draw the eye upward. If you do a great job with this, your walls will serve as the framework from which your inviting accents are coming. This is why it’s so important to choose subtle color palettes. You can add drama to a space by splashing red around the edges of your furniture, but this will get attention drawn away from the walls. A subtle wall color will still have your walls working for you, drawing the eye upward and toward the home’s center.

Tips for Choosing Balanced Soft Furnishings

Color Palette When you pair white walls with soft furnishings or a striking accent piece, you can pull off a beautiful space that will immediately become a center of conversation. It’s important not to make the space too busy, though, or your guests might miss the subtle elegance that comes with using a white scheme. Use soft furnishings, but keep the colors vibrant and balanced.

Soft Furnishings The easiest way to bring an air of softness into a white living room scheme is to find pieces with delicate patterns and rich, warm tones. For a modern feel, try pairing white and stainless steel appliances with sleek black chrome knobs and pulls. For a classic feel, try pairing off white with a rich mahogany finish. There are so many different options when it comes to the type of natural wood you can choose for your furniture. Your walls can really make a statement with the choice in flooring, lighting and other accents, too.

Texture The textures that you use in your white living room scheme will create the greatest sense of depth. The walls will be the framework for your design, and the texture you choose will determine how your guests will perceive the space. Look for fabrics that have a soft, matte feel to them and that are slightly darker than the color of the walls. This will give the room a three-dimensional effect.



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