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French Country Bedroom Furniture – Choosing Your Bedroom Chairs, Headboards, Rugs, and Chandeliers –¬†French bedroom furniture is simple, elegant, and convenient to work with. It’s also quite practical because it can house a king-sized bed and box spring as well as a large dresser or wardrobe. French-style nightstands and chests of drawers help you add more storage space to the bedroom while still adding style. It’s definitely the French way.

French Traditional Bedroom Design

The French are masters at creating luxurious environments. The luxurious appeal of the French bedroom design comes from the textures and materials used. For instance, if you choose a French style and your walls are cream, add more contrast by choosing pale wallpapers and linens in the same tone. Use a creamy cream wall color for the headboard and add touches of white and ivory throughout the rest of the room for a very pleasing overall appearance. Keep in mind that the traditional French bedroom design features rounded curves and rich, luxurious wood furnishings. You can easily accomplish the look in your own home by selecting the same luxurious fabrics and colors.

When selecting French bedroom accessories, you want to create a relaxed atmosphere. So, select accessories and furnishings that are simple, elegant, and luxurious all at the same time. Try to stay away from bright, bold, or contrasting paint colors. In general, the French choose colors that are warm and relaxing. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even paint your walls a creamy white to further establish the peaceful atmosphere you’re striving for. Rich, plush linens and blankets are another great addition to your overall theme.

One classic French bedroom accessory that can be used both inside and out is a boudoir chair. Many people choose to place it on the bed, but if that’s not possible, a regular seat will do fine. These chairs are available in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. The key is to make sure the chair is soft and luxurious, complementing the bedding and linen decor.

Old Beam French Decoration Collection

The most popular form of furniture for a French bedroom is an old beam-style table. There is something very French about the look of an old beam-style table. If you have an old beam table in your home, it’s very likely that you’ve either inherited it or purchased one that was made in Paris. In either case, this table is a great addition to your overall French decor collection.

One more common item you will find in French bedrooms is an antique or classical-looking chandelier. These lighting fixtures are very dramatic and lend an air of elegance. If you don’t have a chandelier to hang over your bed, you can add a simple, yet charming antique iron candle sconce. Even if you don’t use a chandelier in your French bedroom, remember to place one of these lighting fixtures over an antique coffee table or side table to really add charm to the room.

French Decor Themes Suitable for Bedrooms

No matter what type of French bedroom headboard you decide to purchase, it’s important that you get one that really matches your overall French decor theme. If your bed is higher than the rest of the decor, be sure to include a headboard. For those who prefer a more open and flowing design, choose a headboard that goes almost up to the floor. For those who prefer something more traditional, consider choosing a headboard with a V-shaped depression in the middle. These choices will allow you to buy the headboard you love without having to sacrifice the rest of your French bedroom design.

An important aspect of selecting any type of French bedroom accessory is the finishing touches. From your rugs, pillows, curtains, lamps, and paintings, the finishing touch will be one that enhances your overall theme. In fact, many people choose to place a decorative item at each location in their bedroom so they can better highlight the style of the room. Consider adding an antique mirror or two, a couple of pictures on your wall, and a couple of candles on your bedside table. By using items that are specific to the French country bedroom style, you can make the most of your new furnishings.



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