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Full Details of Asian Living Room Decor – Decorating a house in the Asian style is really simple and it’s more about making the most of little things and objects instead of making a big statement with them. The Asian living room should have an air of serenity and tranquility. The furniture should have a relaxing effect on you as you sit on your favorite armchair. There should be lots of Asian touches throughout the house to keep the atmosphere calm and tranquil.

Characteristics of Asian Living Room

Asian living rooms usually have white walls as well as a very light colored ceiling. As you move throughout the house, you should look out from each potted plant and flower. The walls in this room should be painted with light pastel colors to give it an Asian feel. You should avoid yellow and red as they tend to make you feel tense and nervous.

To decorate your living room, the first thing that you need to do is find an appropriate color scheme that matches your personality. You can try using the colors of the walls to get the feel of the house. If you have a vibrant personality, then you can go for bright colors like red, yellow, orange and so on. If you are the type who likes delicate and soft colors, then you can use pale blue, lilac, violet, green and so on. You can also use a cathedral ceiling to add a touch of sophistication to the walls of your Asian living room.

An oriental sofa set can complete the decor of your Asian living room. There are different types of sofa sets available in the market. You can choose an elegant silk covered sofa set which is embellished with elaborate carvings. There are also different exotic fabrics available which you can choose as per your preference. Your Asian living room can be adorned with such a sofa set, which is made of rattan and made of high quality fabric. Apart from the sofa set, you can also find a fabric covered dining table which will look very elegant.

Best Asian Living Room Furniture Items

The furniture items that you can use in your Asian living room include the following: a modern fitted wooden coffee table; a coffee table and 2 side chairs with a row of pillows on either side where you can put in your cup of coffee and nibbles. For additional seating you can have a side table and a side lamp which will give you additional lighting. A couple of floor lamps can also be placed in this area. You can also have an area rug that will not only enhance the beauty of the furniture set, but will also be useful in terms of keeping the floor dry and warm.

Another feature that you should consider in your Asian living room is the use of contrasting colors. Generally people prefer to use bright colors like red and black in their living rooms, but when it comes to Asians’ living rooms, it is more on the lines of brown and red. A great way of complementing the colored scheme is to place floor rugs on both the walls and the floor. The Asian flooring is generally dark brown or black in color, so the use of colored rugs is a perfect way of setting the ambiance in the room.

Tips for Decorating an Asian Living Room Correctly

When decorating your Asian living room, you need to ensure that you keep the doors and all the windows open to allow fresh air into the room. For this, you need to remove all curtains and put up sheer window blinds or sheer panels in all the windows. Also, use of mirrored furniture like a China cabinet with tall, clean crystals on top is also a great idea. Having a hanging plant stand with greenery on top will help in bringing nature indoors.

Having your Asian interiors living design photography done by professionals will give you the best result. Professional photographers have the right tools and technology to turn every shot into a great art piece. They will capture your favorite images and transform them into Asian decor that will bring to life a complete Asian living space. You can find an experienced Asian interior designer who is willing to take the time to work on your project so that you can enjoy your new Asian theme that was created using Asian living room decor. You can submit your articles to homesfronh, via this page!



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