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Give Your Vintage Bedroom a Chic Gallery Wall – Vintage bedroom furniture is a fun, vintage twist on classic bedroom decorating. Look to vintage pieces, patterns, and motifs from past eras to design rustic, comfortable, chic, and vintage bedroom styles. Think about mixing and matching existing decorating styles from modern interiors with those in the past; vintage styling is vintage, charmously vintage, and sometimes cheerfully retro. Let it age you with style.

Tips for Choosing Vintage Bedroom Wall Paint

Paint the walls a rich, warm, caramel color, with accents of sage, oak, chocolate brown, or honey beige. Accents of burgundy, red, black, cinnamon, or peach can contrast and enhance the warm tones of the walls and furniture. Choose warm shades of white bedding – light, pale blue, ivory, or cream – to break up the color palette and add some interest to the vintage bedroom furniture. Or go for the all-white furniture with rich, layered curtains and blinds topped with vintage-style lace accents and vintage-style valances.

Crib bedding is a must for this style of vintage bedroom design. Vintage shabby chic lends itself to layers of bedding – shabby chic walls with strong patterns, soft chenille pillows, and vintage quilt pillows with lace accents. Remember, shabby chic is “shabby” because the furniture, fabrics, linens, and curtains are all wearing with age, meaning they are creased and weathered. Too much wear and tear make the furniture look worn, covered in dust, with a dull patina. When paired with dusty colors, the walls become a rich, textured, antique brown.

Complete the Vintage Look with Accessories

Accents of floral prints, vintage prints, and leafy greens are perfect to complement the vintage look. Dried floral roses, oversized flowers in cheerful hues, bold stencils and stencil borders, lace trim, delicate butters, and vintage accessories like vintage jewelry will add interest and texture to the room. Cherry wood or metal hardware will bring in the distressed look. The colors you choose will bring out the vintage style of the room.

As you create your decorating plan, think about the scale of the vintage style. Are the pieces too large or small? Do the pieces seem to reach ceilings or go completely out of the room? How about coordinating rugs and curtains with different textures – bright and pastel, dark and brocade, or rough and shiny.

Great Paintings with Best Vintage Themes

Wall art is key to creating your vintage bedroom atmosphere. Large paintings with a vintage theme are great. Paintings that feature a vintage theme such as an American family portrait can become the centerpieces on the bedside table or mantel. You can choose framed or unframed artwork to hang on the walls. Artwork on wood frames look best hanging on walls facing in toward the door to open up the room. Framed prints with a vintage mirror add sparkle and glamour.

The vintage bedroom may also benefit from a metal bed with a vintage design. You can find beds with vintage-inspired headboards that have open shelving at the base with open panels on the top that holds up crystal chandeliers or wall sconces. A vintage bedroom theme is complete with a vintage bedroom color scheme: soft greens, creams and whites, along with touches of red, yellow and orange for the walls and curtains.

Your vintage bedroom does not have to be all black and dull. In fact, it does not have to have any color at all! You can choose from a wide variety of vibrant colors, such as: bright pinks, orange, red, turquoise, maroon, sage greens, fuchsia, blue, purple, teal, pink, green, black, white, cream. You can display your favorite photos or framed artwork on the wall or hang vintage jewelry, crystal pieces and a vintage clock. Create a chic gallery wall with coordinating lamps, wrought iron wall decor, chrome wall art and a vintage bed.



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