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How to Decorate a Pink Apartment – If you’re looking for inspiration on how to decorate your next pink apartment, we got you covered. Let’s get started: show 32 gorgeous photos some great ideas that will whip your creative mind into high gear for your next decorating adventure. So… how great are those pink apartment interior design ideas? They simply wow!

Pink Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Seriously, how great are those pink apartment interior design ideas? Love it! Especially the first one! It looks real and gorgeous.

I’m going to let you into a little secret: when I was designing my pink apartment, I made sure to leave space in the design layout for my tub and shower. Why? Because you can make them both look amazing. And you can use them for a variety of things in your bathroom. For example, having a relaxing bath is so much more enjoyable when you have nice flowers and candles around.

Another great idea is to create a “bouquet” of pink flowers for the shower curtain. Start by buying some cheap white or cream shower curtains. Try and make them as pretty as possible, with lots of floral patterns and vibrant colors. Now, go over the pink flowers that you have just purchased with a fine-tooth comb. You’re going to want to gather up all of your excess flowers, so that you can use them later, like in your soap or in your plants. Get some green plants (or some red ones if you’re feeling extra adventurous), as well as some beautiful pebbles or pebble art.

Adding a Bright and Beautiful Look to the Apartment

The pink color is so bright and pretty that it really pops against any wall color, especially white walls. Your pink apartment will definitely look much more appealing with this design. Try and find some nice art or photos that you can frame (they make cute photo frames too!) and hang them on the walls. If you don’t have any art or photos to use, then just get some vases and put some fresh flowers in them. This adds a very sweet and sophisticated look!

Your kitchen is one place where you can really make the most out of this pink color. To make your kitchen look more pink, why not paint one wall pink (maybe the cabinets, depending on how many there are in the room) and the rest of the walls a neutral color (i.e. white, gray, black). This way, the pink color will pop against the rest of the colors in the room.

Don’t forget the bathroom! This is a room that you want to be as pink as possible. So, go ahead and put up a pink mirror. Use a pink soap dish and a pink toothbrush! There are so many little things you can do to make your bathroom look amazing!

Tips for Decorating a Pink Apartment

The key to decorating a pink apartment is to keep it simple. Why not keep everything neutral? If you really want pink furniture, all you have to do is find some pink pieces that match your walls and you’re good to go! Having a pink apartment doesn’t have to mean a bland space!

One thing you should always remember about decorating a pink apartment is that you should stay away from too many bold colors. While pink is a pretty bright color, using too much of it can make your space seem cluttered and busy. It also tends to make the pink a bit cold and clinical. If you decide to add a pink color to your living room, for example, try to play it off with warm colors such as brown and green.


You don’t want your pink apartment to seem like a pink nightmare! So, play up the pink! Add as many pink accessories as you can, such as pink rugs, candles, flowers and even pink toilet paper. Keep in mind that light pink does tend to be a bit colder than dark pink, so keep that in mind when choosing your lighting fixtures and wall decorations.

Using Light Pink Interior Paint

If you have dark-colored walls in your bedroom, for instance, you can actually use pink bedding to make it a bit pinker! The rule of thumb is that if you want your pink to stand out, then make sure you play up the darker shades. A dark pink duvet cover can do wonders in making a room seem warmer. Try to stay away from painting the walls a pink color unless you plan on using light pink interior paint or if you are just trying to make the room seem more feminine.

Adding pink touches throughout your home is a great way to make a pink apartment look like a girls’ room! Just remember to take things one step at a time and start small. Think of what would look good in your bedroom and think about how you could add that pink touch without making everything too feminine. When you finally have you’re pink decorated, just remember to keep it clean!



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