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Ideas to Improve Your Bathroom – If you are planning to buy a new bathroom for yourself or are simply looking to update an old one, you will want to browse through some eclectic bathroom design tips. What is an eclectic bathroom? It is a combination of various styles that can blend together to create a unique and stylish bathroom. Many people go with an eclectic look when designing a new bathroom, whether they decide to go contemporary, vintage, modern or a combination of the two. An eclectic bathroom can combine a variety of styles from many different eras, styles, themes and designs, thereby creating something truly unique.

Tips When Designing a Bathroom

When it comes to designing your bathroom, it would be ideal to use some of the many eclectic bathroom decor ideas out there. Some people choose to combine styles from several different eras and time periods, going as far back as the early 20th century. Some classic and popular, eclectic bathroom decor ideas include Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco. Vintage and antique pieces can also be used to create an eclectic look. In fact, if you think about it, even some of the most contemporary bathrooms could be categorized as eclectic in nature.

What types of things might you find in an eclectic bathroom? A great example of this is a vanity with a potted greenery on top, surrounded by iron ornate decorations and floral accents on the walls. In addition, rustic wooden flooring complements the faucets, sinks and mirrors, while open shelving along with a potted greenery provides extra storage space for linens and cosmetics. Potted greenery and iron decor would be a great addition to a modern day bathroom.

While some people tend to stick to modern styles, others like to combine old world touches with contemporary designs in order to achieve a unique look that is not always evident in today’s more modern bathrooms. For instance, a popular idea in an eclectic bathroom is to use old world ceramic tile along with modern flooring and fixtures. Cappuccino marble tiles along with distressed wood are other attractive touches.

Considerations for Using Recycled Items

What about using recycled objects in an eclectic bathroom? Recycled materials, such as bottles, porcelain and mosaic tiles can all be used to create something unique in an eclectic bathroom. A good way to use recycled items in an eclectic design is to place them at a distance from the water source, such as a small vanity in the shower area. At the same time, using wooden vanities in an eclectic bathroom allows you to have a natural-looking sink or wooden vanity along with ceramic tiles or mosaic tiles.

When considering the incorporation of different styles and themes into your new bathroom decor, it is important to remember that your bathroom should have an air of calm sophistication. It should be warm and welcoming rather than a place where you feel tense and anxious. This can be achieved by choosing light colored framed mirrors and other interior design elements that reflect this warm and inviting quality. A good place to start with this is in your toilet, where a wall mounted basin can really make a statement. You could choose framed artwork and framed photos to set the tone for the rest of your eclectic bathroom decor. If you prefer, another option is to go for a plain, glass showcase to showcase your beautiful ceramic tiles or mosaic tiles.

Ideas for Creating a Boho Chic Atmosphere in the Bathroom

If you like the idea of creating a boho-chic vibe in your bathroom, one interesting idea is to use rugs in an eclectic bathroom. The texture and color of your rugs will really add to the charm of this type of design. One easy way to choose a rug to incorporate in an eclectic bathroom is to use a large, complimentary rug that is either in the color of your tiles or that matches the colors of your shower curtains. You could even choose a throw pillow or rug that is the exact same color as your bathroom walls. Although, don’t go overboard with the color scheme; after all, it’s supposed to be relaxing not exciting.

Another thing you can do with your eclectic bathroom is to incorporate the use of different elements throughout the room. For example, a rug underneath the basin can help you create a sanctuary that feels cozy. You could also integrate an Asian inspired tub into the bathroom, and a Japanese teapot or tea pot can provide a nice touch to the decor. In the bathroom, an unusual looking mirror may act as the focal point for your bathroom. Some other ideas for the integration of different elements and accents include using unique tiles such as succulents or mosaic tiles, a Japanese teapot or tea pot, or even using an actual plant as a part of the decor.



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