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Interior Design Inspiration For Your Home – Eclectic furniture is simply furniture that represents various styles, tastes and interests. It tends to mix different styles together by giving equal emphasis to different elements. Often, eclectic furniture tries to create the furniture more appealing aesthetically by adding various antique curiosities as well as decorative touches.

Designing an Eclectic Furniture Living Room

The biggest challenge for most homeowners when it comes to designing an eclectic furniture living room is to find just the right color scheme. With a large number of pieces on hand, the color scheme can become somewhat overwhelming. The best way to approach the color scheme is to start with the end in mind. Decide whether you wish to achieve a formal or informal look with your living room furniture. If your aim is to produce an inviting atmosphere, then choose colors that will project this message in an elegant manner.

Formal gatherings tend to demand for neutral colors. Light pastel shades are ideal and you should strive to avoid dark or murky hues such as black or navy. If you wish to create the appearance of a formal atmosphere, then opt for rich, earthy tones such as brown and caramel. On the other hand, informal gatherings require light colors such as lemon yellow and pale blue.

To complete your eclectic furniture design, you should also pay attention to your wall art. One great idea is to hang vintage antiques and framed prints to create a sophisticated and vintage ambiance in your living room. You could also frame photographs and artwork that represent your personality. The type of wall art you use will largely depend on your own preference, but you can easily find excellent pieces at local stores and online.

Selection of the Best Eclectic Furniture Coffee Tables

Next, choose a unique coffee table that would go well with your living room’s overall theme. Keep in mind that eclectic furniture does not necessarily mean boring and plain. Your chosen coffee table will serve as the focal point of your space and it should complement both your wall art and your furnishings.

Another way to complete your eclectic furniture set is to include decorative accessories. One idea is to use different types of glassware in different areas of your home. A glass coffee table for instance can go well with an antique dining room set. You can also purchase unique lamp shades and table lamps to coordinate with your chosen table. As mentioned earlier, you can find beautiful glass furniture at any furniture specialty store as well as various department stores.

Decorating projects that call for eclectic accent chairs come in a wide variety. Choosing a modern style such as contemporary lends itself to colorful cushions. You can also choose from a variety of different shapes such as oval, round, rectangular, and others. You can also opt for very simple designs with just basic details or luxurious designs that are intricately detailed. Whatever you choose, be sure to compliment the color scheme of your contemporary furniture pieces with pillows and throws.

Creating a Cozy Eclectic Living Room

If you want to create a cozy and inviting eclectic living room then the right wall art is key. In order to pull off the look you need to think about purchasing artwork that fits into your unique concept of an eclectic space. Remember to bring in unique wall art pieces that have a decorative theme that you love. You can use this same concept when choosing your furniture as well as wall art and floor rugs.

Another way to incorporate the eclectic style of decorating is to use furniture that is in an eclectic style such as a grouping of mismatched chairs. This is a great idea when you are decorating a casual home decor space as it provides people with a unique look that is inexpensive. Just be sure to coordinate the colors so they don’t clash with each other.

A Touch of Lighting Eclectic Style Home Design

When you are decorating an eclectic space you need to remember that light and shadow play a big role in the look of the space. Try to use shabby chic and aged wood pieces with a distressed finish to give your home design an eclectic vibe. Another fun touch is to pair warm browns, oranges, and golds with bold reds, greens, and blacks for a beautiful and sophisticated eclectic style of home design.

The ideas you can use from this article are just a few of the many ideas you can use to incorporate unique furnishings into your home design inspiration. Just remember to choose furnishings that are made from a unique material, like wood or metal. That way you can be sure that they will not clash with one another. Also, make sure to find ways to incorporate colors like green, yellow, and orange. You will be surprised at how well this all adds to your unique interior design inspiration.



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