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Is Pink Kitchen Cabinetry Right For You? – A pink kitchen adds a guaranteed spark of personality and verve to an otherwise average looking interior design scheme. If you’re ever into bright colours then a splash of pink is certain to send you over the edge; from cool blues to sophisticated purples to deep pinks, there’s no shortage of all-ones in the rainbow. If you’re more into subtle tones then a cool pink backsplash can really bring the colour explosion you crave; while if you prefer the more bold impact of a deep red kitchen countertop, there’s plenty of it too.

Beautiful Pink Kitchen Wall Tiles

There are some really lovely pink kitchen wall tiles available on the market today and if you don’t like pink then you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You can find beautiful pink granite tiles that will finish off any walls with a gleaming shine or you can opt for pink marble tiles that are just as beautiful. Marble is probably one of the best selling materials for kitchens (and any other rooms for that matter! ).

It has a timeless appeal that lends itself perfectly to modern and contemporary designs but there’s also something very romantic about pink kitchen cabinetry. You may have heard it being used in Victorian homes – think old fashioned pink tiled bathrooms for inspiration. However, pink cabinetry doesn’t have to be solely a bathroom feature. Many people incorporate it into their dining room or even a media room. For the ultimate in pink luxury, try putting a marble countertop down in your breakfast nook.

What’s great about a pink kitchen backsplash or countertop breakfast island is that you can buy it ready made or have it custom-made. If budget is a concern then you could always try to source one from a supplier that specialises in bespoke products. If you’re really unlucky then you could end up with a pink cabinet door that’s not pink at all! Whatever route you choose, though, rest assured that you won’t go wrong with your choice.

Monochromatic Pink Kitchen Design

Bespoke pink kitchens can come in any number of different designs. You might want a monochromatic design on the walls but also have an accent colour running through the room. Some suppliers will even create a custom design for you if you ask them so that they can create a pink kitchen that reflects your personality. Some people like to use striped wallpaper on their backsplash in order to give a coordinated look to the room.

When you look at purchasing pink kitchen cabinetry, make sure you’re aware of the fact that there’s no such thing as having too much pink! If you have a pink kitchen that really stands out from the rest of the house then you can have pink walls and floors or pink cabinets and drawers. However, if your kitchen is quite small then the usual rules don’t apply. Your space will need to be carefully measured in order to ensure that you purchase the right sized items of cabinetry.

Advantages of Buying Pink Kitchen Cabinets

One of the advantages of purchasing pink kitchen cabinetry is the ability to match it with pink wall paint very easily. The great thing about this particular type of cabinetry is that it’s often cheaper than buying brand new appliances or other items that you’d rather keep to yourself. As long as your pink kitchen furniture is in excellent condition, then you can be sure that it won’t be damaged or scratched before it gets a chance to see the light of day in your home.

Although you might think that the whole pink kitchen design thing is just a trend that’s here to stay, you’d be wrong. There are still many people choosing it as the style of choice for their kitchen design. Pink kitchen cabinetry is popular because of its versatility and its appeal. It gives a pleasant feel to any room, and when done correctly, can brighten up any space and create a real sense of style and elegance.



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