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Modern Contemporary Home Interiors – Contemporary home interiors are characterized by clean lines, minimalist patterns and a focus on functionality. This style of interior design is trendier than many other styles and is a great choice for buyers who like to mix and match aspects of decor from different design periods.

Characteristics of Modern Contemporary Homes

The best part is that contemporary homes often have large windows and open floor plans. This lets natural light flood in, creating an open and inviting feel to the room. In a modern contemporary home interior, the living room is usually defined by straight lines and natural elements. The space can feature a large sofa, a set of contemporary accent chairs and a modern coffee table.

The color scheme of a modern contemporary home interior typically leans toward neutral hues like black and white. This lets the furniture pieces stand out without feeling too over-the-top. For a more striking design, try painting the walls in a bright accent color. This is especially useful when you have a boldly colored rug or other decor piece that might be hard to coordinate with the rest of the space.

Lighting ideas for a contemporary living room also often lean toward a mix of light fixtures from different finishes. Recessed spotlights and other unique lamps are great examples of this. In a modern contemporary home interior, the dining room is the ultimate gathering place. It can be used for large family dinners, celebrations and socializing.

Clean and Sleek Modern Dining Room with Straight Lines

Modern dining rooms are clean and sleek with straight lines, but they also incorporate natural elements. In this dining space, they use wood and stone to bring nature into the design. A modern dining room can be spruced up by adding artwork that you love, and a unique source of light to make the space lively. This room has abstract art on the wall and a rug on the floor to create a sense of movement within the space.

Paneling is another way to add some sophistication and class to your dining space. This is a timeless decor idea that will never go out of style and is perfect for those who want to add some subtle elegance to their room. Modern contemporary home interiors have a sleek, clean aesthetic. They usually include neutral colors and bold accent details.

When decorating a bedroom with this style, it’s important to keep things simple and avoid clutter. Instead, use soft textures to create a relaxing and soothing space. To add texture to a modern bedroom, try using an area rug. You can also incorporate soft fabrics into your bedding, window curtains and other decor items to give the room a more cozy feel.

Using Different Patterns and Colors to Soften the Look

If you want to bring a little more drama to your room, opt for a glossy black wall. It’s a bold choice, but it will still feel feminine. In this bedroom, designer Kathleen McCormick used a variety of patterns and hues to soften the look. She even incorporated a few pops of pink to keep the room from feeling too masculine.

In a modern contemporary home interior, the bathroom is a key part of the design. It should be clean, fresh and simple with minimal decoration and a clear theme. In this bathroom, the designers used neutral colors with a mix of white and grays to give the room a modern feel. However, they threw in some brighter shades with the orange towels and soft shower curtain to add a little warmth.

Whether you prefer metal or glass, shiny finishes can add a luxurious touch to your modern bathroom. For a glamorous look, try glossy silver hexagon glass tiles or ionic herringbone steel porcelain mosaic tile. Another way to enhance your modern bathroom is by using clean lines and sharp angles that are often found in contemporary design. This can be especially beneficial for smaller bathrooms as it keeps the space elegant and efficient inside.



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