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Nautical Maps and Beach House Decor – A beach house can be decorated with colorful nautical maps to bring marine life indoors. While not a traditional decor style, these maps blend well with beach houses and traditional homes alike. Large nautical maps are a great choice for hallways, kids rooms, and other areas of your home that are open to the sea. When choosing a nautical map for your walls, be sure to keep the measurements in mind. Then, you can add pops of color and accents throughout the room.

Consider Using Wall Covering

For example, consider using a burlap-like wall covering in the master bedroom. The burlap-like wall treatment gives the space an unusual, beachy feel. Bathrooms feature more blue tones, such as seafoam green, paired with a neutral wood tone. You’ll also find white furniture in your beach house. Whether you’re using the burlap-style walls in a bedroom or bathroom, you’ll want to incorporate natural textures and patterns throughout your space.

A modern beach bedroom can be achieved with woven fabric lighting and natural-fiber carpeting. A relaxed coastal feel can be achieved by using natural-fiber rugs and linen pillow covers. A woven counter stool will also add a touch of rustic coastal style. While you’re at it, make sure to keep the decor durable and functional. You’ll appreciate it for years to come. So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired by your own beach house decorating ideas and start planning your perfect beach retreat.

For a relaxed, breezy feeling, beach house decor features a light-colored, breezy look that instantly relaxes you. No frills furnishings, a splash of color, and natural finds from nature complete this look. Stunning beach retreats often have nautical and coastal elements throughout their decor. You can also incorporate some nautical elements and accent pieces to create the ultimate beach-inspired decor. If you’re not sure where to start, browse Pinterest for inspiration!

Beautiful Beach Decoration Ideas

Coastal decor can be carried throughout your home from bedroom to living room. In fact, you can even use it in the kitchen. For a luxurious beach house, Laura Brophy of Laura Brophy Interiors has created an open plan living room. The curved white sofa is the center piece, while the layered area rugs mimic the sandy beaches. The Mid-Century-style furniture adds an element of sophistication without detracting from the overall aesthetic.

A beach-themed room can look like a tropical paradise. A variety of accent pieces, such as scented candles and nautical-themed coasters, can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Sailor stripes, sea glass, imitation sea life, and natural wood are other options to try. If you don’t feel like decorating your room with a nautical theme, you can always opt for a more modern look. Soak up the sea air with scented candles, natural wood, and imitation sea life.

Modern Coastal Interiors

Modern coastal interiors have become more refined and tailored, while classic beach house interiors are more casual and organic. In addition to unfinished wood elements, beach house decor often features woven textiles and eclectic pillows. The style is generally light-flooded, and works best in rooms with a dreamy ocean view. However, if you’re decorating a modern room, you can still use beach house decor as an accent. If you’re unsure about beach-themed interiors, check out the collection of beach house decor on Pottery Barn.

To complete the beach house look, a bedroom should be filled with natural elements. White and blue bedding, for example, can mimic the blue of the sea. Natural wood, like woven raffia, and leather-wrapped bamboo will give your room a beach-like feel. Decorative accessories, such as silver lamps, a specimen starfish, and a woven jute rug, will complete the look.



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