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Rustic Wardrobes – Timelessly Attractive – A rustic wardrobe can add a distinctive stylish flair to any bedroom. The idea is simple; an old style wardrobe in a new style. When you want something that is unique, rustic bedroom furniture is your answer. There are so many styles available. Here’s how to make yours stand out.

Rustic Solid Oak Original Double Cabinets

The Original Rustic Solid Oak Double Wardrobes is made of top quality, solid oak right through a weatherproofing process that seals the wood and provides protection from moisture and humidity. The upper most wood is finished using wax to produce an aged, natural grain and an antique finish. This rustic wardrobe features a full length double drawers above a narrow, full-width drawer set into the sides of the wardrobe. Each of the drawers is then attached to a separately hinged top rail. This is the perfect combination of form and function.

The Antique Barn Shed provides a rustic wardrobe perfect for a country home. The drawers and shelves feature a combination of wood and metal forming a rolling wardrobe that is both functional and stylish. The side panels can be locked to keep small items like towels out of sight while still leaving ample room for the day to come. The bottom of the double doors slides open to reveal a storage area for holding socks and pants as well as the items you want to keep close at hand. This wardrobe is an excellent choice for a girl’s room or even a boy’s room.

Consider Saddle Mill Antique Bedroom Wardrobe

If you’re looking for something a bit more substantial, you might want to consider the Antique Saddle Mill Bedroom Wardrobe. This rustic wardrobe comes complete with a large mirror on one of its double doors. It also has three adjustable shelves, and one of them opens to reveal a built-in chair. The leather-colored front door can be left open if you would prefer. The drawers are lined with coordinating leather, and they include the dual-curtain light in the night-stand area.

If you like your rustic style but want to add some modern touches along with it, try a Rustic Chests Bedroom Wardrobe. This wardrobe is perfect for a bedroom that looks traditional as well as rustic. It includes three hanging rods that run along the top of the wall. It also includes a mirror with a wood-grained frame and is finished in tan fabric.

Make a Great Bedroom Set For a Country House

The Antique Saddle Mill Dining Wardrobe makes a great bedroom set for a country home. It features an upper piece with three curved mirrors and two other hanging rods that dangle from the center top. The four end pieces are also curved and add a nice touch to the rustic look. The drapes and paneling finish the look.

If you like a more modernized rustic style, the Argyllshire Leather Bedroom Sets has four coordinating mirror doors on the bottom four walls. The mirror doors match the five-wall top. The bedroom is completed with a throw across the front door. The bed frame and headboard have a leather-colored upholstered finish. It also includes the two-drawer dresser with two-inch wooden rollers and two drawer sides that are stained in black. The bed has a pine-finished, rustic stain and is topped off with a gold-tone, leather-covered mirror.

For those who wish to mix and match rustic style in their bedroom, there is a rustic bedroom dressing table that is available in black and white or cream and white. It consists of a black dressing table and matching daybed. It has a mirror above and includes a high-quality wooden drawer with a carved handle and four beautiful wooden drawers.



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