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Small Bohemian Kitchen Ideas – When it comes to small kitchen design ideas, nothing beats the use of natural materials. For example, when planning out small Bohemian kitchen design ideas, you should really keep in mind that light colored counter tops are a must. This adds a touch of uniqueness and character to your kitchen. Moreover, there are two kinds of kitchen tiles you could choose from; organic kitchen tiles and ceramic kitchen tiles.

Using a Countertop in a Small Bohemian Kitchen

As far as counter tops are concerned, nothing beats the use of sara toufali countertop in a small Bohemian kitchen. It has been widely acclaimed in the industry for its unique color combinations. In fact, many architects and designers use it as an inspiration when planning out small Bohemian kitchens for rent. This counter top is made from reclaimed wooden materials and is therefore quite affordable. However, since the countertop is made from reclaimed wood, it is not for everybody. You would have to be prepared to put in extra time and effort in order to maintain and clean this type of counter top.


If you are planning on designing a small Bohemian kitchen for a child’s playroom, then you should really keep in mind that the best choice for counter tops would be ceramic tiles. These are not only affordable, but they also look like real wood. Moreover, if you would like to create the illusion of a bigger space, you could install ceiling white subway tile shelves. Such a kitchen design idea is quite popular among people who wish to create an ambiance that resembles that of a castle or a summer house.

Create an Authentic Small Bohemian Kitchen

Furthermore, if you wish to create an authentic small Bohemian kitchen for your kids, you should consider installing wall cabinets instead of shelves. The wall cabinets would provide the ideal place for crockery. Also, there are many wall cabinets that come in the backsplash of the kitchen. In such cases, you would need to choose small-sized drawers that can hide small utensils and tableware. You can either go for floor mounted or wall mounted cabinets depending upon the overall arrangement of the small Bohemian kitchen.

There is no doubt that counter tops play a significant role in defining the overall look and feel of a kitchen. You should therefore make sure that the counter tops used in this kind of kitchen are durable and yet aesthetically pleasing. If you want to create a small kitchen that has an old-world appeal, you should install ceramic tiles on the walls. If you have small kitchen counter tops then you can go for stone or marble counters. These counter tops will add a touch of class to your small kitchen.

Smart Bohemian Small Kitchen Design Ideas

While installing the tile counter tops in small kitchens, you should take care that the edges do not get scratched. For this purpose, you should use fine-grit sandpaper so that they do not get damaged easily. If you cannot afford to spend money on new countertops, then you should invest in ceramic tiles. Also, you should think about using ceramic tiles on the walls. In that case, you would not need to worry about walls being slippery.

If you have a small kitchen space but are planning to make it look larger, you should consider installing a small boho vanity. These vases are made from natural materials like wood, terracotta clay, river rock and raw concrete. The main advantage of using a small vanity is that it provides an area for you to store your cosmetics and bathroomries. If you install ceramic tile backsplashes in your small kitchen, it would help give your room an ethnic and Bohemian charm. If you want to add more color to your small kitchen, you should consider using a small ceramic tile mural.

A small kitchen usually does not have ample storage space. Therefore, you should get a small furniture set that has plenty of drawers and cabinets in it. The drawers and cabinets can be used to store linens, small appliances and dishes. The counter tops of a small Bohemian kitchen can be made from natural materials like river rock, rough stones and clay.



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