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The Best Neighborhoods for Vintage Finds in Oakland

If you are a lover of all things vintage, you might enjoy checking out new cities and neighborhoods to search for the coolest little vintage and antique shops offering the most unique finds. If you are planning a trip to find some of the best vintage finds in California, you will definitely need to check out Oakland.

Even within a city finding the best vintage shops or finds can be a challenge. You will want to do some research beforehand to locate the best areas, neighborhoods, and shops that meet your vintage tastes. Here are the best neighborhoods for vintage finds in Oakland:


Rockridge is an affluent neighborhood in Oakland, known for its shopping options. Many visitors head into Rockridge from surrounding areas, including Berkeley. There are plenty of boutiques and shops featuring indie designers, but you can also search for some great vintage finds in the Rockridge neighborhood.

There are several second hand stores in Rockridge where you might just find an amazing vintage treasure with some digging. Head to Crossroads Trading Co. or Rockridge Rags if you love the thrill of the hunt and searching for your perfect find.

If you prefer a more orderly vintage shop full of hand-picked items, check out Pretty Penny. And the great thing about this neighborhood is that when you are done with your vintage hunt, there are plenty of spots to stop for a snack like ice cream or a lunch like ramen.


If you are looking for a wide variety of vintage finds, or simply for a unique experience, head to the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland. Like Rockridge, Temescal is known for its shopping options in general, specifically Temescal Alley, a lovely, walkable street lined with shops.

On Temescal Alley, you will find Mind’s Eye Vintage, which is a great stop if you are looking for a diverse range of vintage goods. They feature affordable vintage finds for men, women, and kids. Another great option for vintage finds in Temescal is Down at Lulu’s, which features plenty of kitsch, men’s and women’s, books, and records. Be sure to check out all the vintage finds Temescal has to offer.


While Piedmont is technically its own township, it is still surrounded by the city of Oakland and therefore considered a neighborhood within the city. It has a community-feel, but also features some ostentatious mansions. It is also home to what residents consider one of the best vintage shops in the entire Bay Area.

Mercy Vintage is one of the premiere vintage shops in the area, and it is known for its designer pieces, as well as the eclectic mix of options in the shop that can help you create your perfect vintage looks. Whether you want something simple and understated or outrageous, they have you covered.

If you like the idea of being surrounded by these amazing vintage shops, you will need to check out the Oakland houses for sale in the neighborhood of your preferred vintage shops. You may just find the vintage treasure you have been searching for.



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