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Tips for Designing Your Coastal Study Room – There is nothing more comfortable than relaxing in front of your comfortable study table with your feet up and your eyes focused on a book or newspaper. This is the essence of a college dorm room, isn’t it? But what if you have no room for your books and you have nothing to read them in? You just need to get away from it all in front of your computer desk, don’t you?

Coastal Study Room Theme

An area rug instantly gives your room a unique style and defines it. Choose tropical rugs with flowery or fauna motifs for a more sophisticated look. Make your coastal study room come alive with warm shades of wicker or rattan furniture and add warmth to your coastal study room with colorful, durable flooring. One option is to create a coastal study room theme with touches of Asian, Mexican and American cultures. Invite people over for lunch or dinner. You can even bring in seashells or seashell rugs for that casual look.

Many coastal study rooms are created with a mix of painted and distressed wood surfaces. A favorite for people who like a more rustic or eclectic look is a log cabin look. You can find plenty of rustic furniture pieces at your local store, too. These days, people also love coastal study rooms with beautiful murals painted on the walls. Look for coastal study room wall murals in warm neutral colors such as cream, beige and white.

Best Decorative Furniture and Accessories

Bathrooms also deserve special attention when creating your coastal theme room decor. The bathroom is one room where you get to escape quite a bit of home decorating so don’t clutter it up with too much furniture and decorative accessories. Find functional items that will make using the bathroom more enjoyable, such as washcloths with decorative patterns. You’ll also want to consider bathroom lighting because it can make a difference in how your bathroom appears from the inside.

In terms of paint color, you can go with bold coastal themes that are earthy or you can choose neutral colors that will compliment the natural features of the room. Most coastal decor focuses on texture rather than colors so opt for prints or photos that you can display in the room. You can also use coastal photos on your mantle or other wall locations.

Furniture in Neutral Colors and Light Wood

For bathroom accessories, you might consider a set of metal shelves, such as those that hold picture frames or a small rack to hold toiletries. If you don’t have enough space for shiplap walls in your bathroom, why not use an empty jewelry box? Create a unique home decor display by mounting a large metal photo frame above a toilet paper holder and then hang several shiplap walls down to the left and right of the display.

You can use coastal bathroom furniture like sofas, cabinets, mirrors, towel racks and other pieces in the room to create a relaxing environment. There are many things you can buy which are inspired by the ocean and even antique items that you may have inherited but which are functional and useful in the modern world. Using neutral colors and light wood, such as cedar or teak, you can create a coastal bathroom that looks elegant while being affordable. Make your coastal bathroom an extension of your home by choosing pieces that are practical and creative.

To further bring your coastal study room together, consider painting the walls in coordinating shades to bring a sense of unity and cohesiveness to the room. Paint the ceiling in a soothing shade of gray, and choose wood that coordinates well with the color palette of gray and blue. Add sea shells in irregular patterns or stencil designs to emphasize the sense of movement. You could also choose to incorporate elements from wicker, such as rattan, into your coastal study room design. By using wicker, you can have a rustic feel without having to spend a fortune.



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