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Trippy Room Decor Ideas For a Psychedelic Bedroom – You can make your room look psychedelic with just a few trippy accents. A colorful tie-dyed sheet or a psychedelic tapestry above the bed will create a stunning focal point.

Adding Some Funky Accents to the Bedroom

Alternatively, if you have an open ceiling and you have the space, you can hang a large tapestry or canopy over your bed using hooks and ceiling mount curtain rods. Another great way to add psychedelic touches to your bedroom is to paint your furniture or buy a piece of furniture with bright colors.

You can also add some funky accents to your bedroom with blacklight posters that glow under blacklight. These posters can be of your favorite bands or other designs. You can also add little details like a peace sign or dreamcatcher. Tie-dye pillows will also add to the overall look. You can also use candles or incense to enhance the psychedelic theme in your bedroom.

Trippy Room Decoration Ideas Using Used Furniture

Trippy room decor ideas make great use of thrift store furniture. Trippy tables and chairs are great for accents, but you can also add colorful rugs and bean bags to complete the look. To create an extra-psychedelic effect, you could also purchase a galaxy projector to project a different color into the room.

You can also use tie-dye fabric as decor, or even make a simple tapestry out of a scarf. Other items associated with psychedelic room decor include peace signs, VW vans, mushrooms, and flowers. Some people even make their own psychedelic decorations, including pillows, rugs, and even wallpaper.

Make a Room Look More Psychedelic

To make your room look more psychedelic, you can display pictures and posters. These can be as sentimental or as whimsical as you want. A photo wall of photos can represent a hobby or interest that you have, or a retro Star Wars poster could make a great addition. You could even use old retro discs to create a wall of photos.

You can also use stoner decor to inspire your creativity. A mushroom lamp has a honeycomb-style texture that will add a retro appeal to your room. Another trippy option is to hang a lava lamp bong or a neon sign on your wall. These lamps can be more expensive but have a cool stoner appeal. Alternatively, you can also use an LED bar sign in the room. These tend to be dimmed so they won’t light up the whole room.



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