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Your Quick and Easy Guide to Designing a Modern Bathroom – When it comes to designing your bathroom, the first thing you should probably think about is whether it will be a traditional white bathroom or a more modern contemporary design. The color white can be extremely effective when used successfully. It has the ability to make a room appear smaller and airy, whilst at the same time creating a feeling of warmth. In this article we are going to discuss a few white bathroom design ideas which are very popular right now.

Make a White Bathroom Look Modern

One of the main things that many people tend to forget about when designing a white bathroom is the toilet and shower curtains. Although these are normally the largest elements of the room, they don’t have to be overly expensive to make a big impact. By simply using a white shower curtain and a white toilet roll, you can make a huge difference to the appearance of your bathroom.

You can add a great splash of colour with tiles. As well as looking attractive, they are also very practical and can make any white bathroom seem like a really big space. If you have the opportunity to buy some real gems then by all means do so, however it is much cheaper and easier to install standard tiles. If you opt for natural stone tiles you can really add to the natural feel and design of the room, as long as you remember to put a splash-back mat down after use.

Most Popular Color for White Bathroom

The most popular color for white bathroom fixtures is white marble. Although there are other natural stones such as granite that work well too, white marble generally works best. As well as being affordable, white marble is incredibly durable and versatile, which means that you can use it in any area of your home from your floor tiles to your shower and/or bath. As mentioned, frameless shower doors work really well in this colour, and if you opt for white bathroom rugs then you can really make a statement. You will need to ensure that the rugs you choose are designed to work well with your existing carpet; otherwise they may look out of place.

Marble is another great color for any bathroom. Of course, white marble tile is probably the most popular, and for good reason. Marble is extremely elegant and sophisticated, and one of the best qualities of white marble tile is that it is relatively resistant to stains and scratches. Of course, as well as looking good, white marble tile can work wonders in a bathroom too – it’s hard to think of a bathroom tile that can get better than white marble for soaking up those pesky smells. And if you do get stained, white marble tile is harder to clean than any other kind of natural stone.

One of the most popular white bathroom ideas for houses with small bathrooms is to install white bathroom curtains. There are many different kinds of white curtains available, from designer styles that are made from high-end fabrics to more modest types that aren’t very expensive. The latter are great if you want a little bit of privacy in your bathroom, although these types tend to feature a lot of lace and frills rather than lace and frills. If you have a smaller bathroom space, or if you are looking for something that offers a bit more privacy, white curtains may not be the best idea for your bathroom though.

Using Most Popular Black Hardware

Black hardware is popular in modern bathrooms too. Black door hardware is really popular because it goes with a lot of different colours. If you choose to install black door hardware in your white bathroom, then this is a great opportunity to incorporate something unusual into your bathroom. Certainly, if you have a black and white bathroom, installing some black hardware can add an interesting touch. However, black door hardware also works well in traditional white bathrooms, so if you’re interested in something different and something a little more unusual, there’s no reason why you can’t try and find black door hardware to match your white bathroom with success.

The final part of your bathroom renovation involves adding a few finishing touches to your room. Fired earth tiles are a great way to give your bathroom a rustic look while still providing some of the latest design trends. Because fired earth tiles are made of iron and clay, they are incredibly tough and very durable. Therefore, they provide a fantastic base for other types of decorative items, such as shutters.



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