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10 Lovely Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas –┬áSmall shabby chic bedrooms are increasing in popularity. Some people may not like this style because they feel it lacks design elements to a traditional bedroom. However, if you look past these shortcomings, you’ll see that these smaller bedrooms offer many benefits. In fact, if you take the time to look at all of the options available for bedrooms, you’ll find that they are far more affordable than a larger, more ornate-style bedroom. They are also easier on the eyes when decorating.

Choosing Shabby Chic Bedroom Colors

The first thing you need to do with your small shabby chic bedroom is paint. Use a light pastel color. This gives the room a fresh, airy feel, much like you would decorate an outdoor patio or backyard. Lighter colors help the furniture, bedding and accents blend together more smoothly. If you don’t want to use too much color, chalkboard wall art and floral accents can give your room an attractive, decorative focal point.

Small bedroom decor ideas are practically endless. You could paint the walls in pale green or some other pale, spring-like hue. You could also use rugs on the floor in varying sizes. The colors you choose for your walls and rug should match those used in the linens, curtains and other furnishings. There are many small shabby chic bedroom decor ideas to choose from, so you shouldn’t have any problems coming up with ideas for this area of your home.

Tips for Having Shabby Chic Mirror Furniture

Once you’ve taken care of the walls, you need to think about accents. How many pictures, paintings or figurines do you have in your home that are shabby chic? Try to find pieces that have a romantic charm. Maybe a large, oversized painting by a local artist has a vintage look that you love. It may be the only accent you need to bring the entire interior design together. If you really want to add a unique accent, you can have a shabby chic mirrored furniture piece as well.

Bedroom decorating ideas for shabby chic bedroom decorating schemes often use pale floral prints. If you already have a few delicate plants in the garden or backyard, you can use them to enhance the overall design scheme of your bedroom. Potted plants in pale, pastel shades are perfect for this type of decorating. Lately green leaves have become quite popular, but you can also use pale blue or cream flowers if you want a more romantic effect.

Adding Some Precise Antique Furniture

A vintage door mirror is another small but essential item of Shabby chic bedroom design. The doors of these mirrors look great when they are draped with vintage lace or covered in a floral pattern. You can also find doors that are decorated with small crystal figurines. These figurines are available in several shapes and sizes and you can use one to compliment the other. For the most part, the modern vintage pieces will make the room look larger because of their unusual shape, but if you add a few pieces of shabby chic furniture you can bring the room together.

Small shabby chic bedroom linen bedding sets are another option for your bedroom design. These sets are available in various styles and colors. You can find ruffle bedding in modern, country and Victorian designs. You can also get ruffle bedding in various colors, including pink, red, yellow and white. The patterns that these ruffle patterns come in are quite varied and the colors are usually just as diverse as the fabrics used to create them.

One great idea for your small bedroom is to use a floral fabric as the cover on one side of an intricately designed and crafted iron bed. This would add a soft feminine touch to your bedroom design and would be a wonderful place for you to start when it comes to building your personal but stylish sanctuary. You could choose from among several different floral prints. The bold, bright flowers would look especially beautiful against the backdrop of your modern linen bedspread and your ruffled pillows. To complete your small but luxurious bedroom, consider adding vintage accessories such as shabby chic curtains or a large antique rug.



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