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Design Ideas for Rustic Interior Decorating –¬†Rustic interior design has been growing in popularity over the past few years. Rustic interior design can be defined as a type of design that emphasizes the use of natural materials, such as wood, stone, ceramic, and other items. Rustic design originated with early settlers during the late 19th century who made their homes very far away from big cities believing that large cities were populated by people who lived in mud rooms and that the city fathers did not need all that much furniture. Many of these early settlers brought very little furniture with them and because space was so limited they used benches as their only furniture. This has since changed with the advent of larger, more spacious rooms with the invention of the automobile and other pieces of equipment that make modern living much easier.

Most Popular Features of The Rustic Interior Style

One of the most popular features of rustic interior style is the use of exposed wooden beams throughout the entire room. These beams are decorated with carvings and hand-crafted designs. Because the beams are exposed and free of doors, windows or other obstructions; they present an inviting feel to visitors. Another thing that is helpful with rustic design is the elimination of busy, distracting patterns and colors in the home. Instead, natural materials, especially those with a distressed look, are chosen for rustic decor. This is especially helpful when there are a lot of exposed wooden beams in a farmhouse decor.

The walls in a rustic interior should be very simple and light in color. Often, natural wood is painted with cheerful floral patterns for a more friendly and relaxing atmosphere. If a light coloring is desired in the walls, then using a pale cream color or white will do the trick. This highlights the wood paneled walls in the farmhouse decor and allows sunlight to filter through the panels, bringing a soft glow to the space. Using a warm wash of white, this can be complimented by black curtains or blinds that are pulled back to allow natural light to filter into the home.

Wrought iron candle sconces on wooden tables with matching wooden chairs add another layer of warmth to the rustic interior. Since candles are traditionally used to scent the home, these can be very beautiful additions to the decor. Common color palettes for these candles include natural colors like cream or white, but other lighter colors can work as well.

An Important Part of Rustic Design

A very important part of rustic design is the use of the unique type of flooring commonly referred to as cookies. Corbies are large pillows made of wool stuffed with wool from sheep in the early 1800’s. Today, copies are still handmade, but the original material, wool, is replaced by manufactured sisal rugs. The unique style of the core, however, makes it easy to incorporate the unique look of copies throughout the interior.

Ceiling beams are another common feature in this type of interior design. Many people associate beams with houses built in the classic American style of architecture, but in fact, beam styles date back to earlier civilizations. These beams are usually made of wood and can have beautiful carvings in the wood. In some cases, the wood may be painted or stained in different colors to give the illusion of age.

Tips for Choosing a Rustic Living Room Design

Another key element in the modern rustic living room design is the use of wood accents. Wood accents add a touch of texture and naturalness to the interior that will make the room come alive. These elements can be difficult to find in the typical American interior design, but they are an important element of rustic style interior design. For example, wooden doors can be very beautiful and delicate. In addition, there are many different types of wood that can be used to create these accents, including maple, pine, walnut and oak.

Another thing that you should pay special attention to when selecting your rustic living room design is the lighting. When it comes to interior decorating, lighting plays a large role. You want to choose rustic lighting that suits the style of the walls and the furniture as well as the textures and colors of the walls. To give you a good idea of the kinds of lighting that would look good in your home, try looking online or in home improvement stores. While you’re browsing through their lighting selections, take a look at photos of white walls, black walls, pink walls, brown walls and other walls that would go well with a southwestern or rustic interior theme.



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