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How to Decorate Your Hollywood Glam Home Office – Hollywood Glam Home Office: A comfortable and stylish workspace is the hallmark of a great Hollywood glam scene. As with any industry, there are both benefits to owning a home office and drawbacks to working from an out of town location. The benefits are primarily the ability to escape city life and have access to all the comforts of home. But, the down side of working at home can be the social isolation that some people may feel.

Steps To Create a Glam Hollywood Home Office

The first step in creating a Hollywood Glam environment for your home office is choosing the right colors. Since many offices use “blue” as their color of choice, you may want to add a dash of red or even orange to give the room a dash of distinction. You don’t have to pick hot pink or anything off the current color trend; it just might be nice to add a little pizzazz to the room. Consider having red carpets and light fixtures, or you could even go a different route and have black and white painted walls and furniture.


If you really like the idea of being able to “hide” your identity, you could choose a cubicle rental that features its own entrance. With this type of Hollywood Glam environment, you’ll be able to keep your personal life and work life separate. Just imagine how great your family would feel if you took time to share time between work and your personal life. Some people would even consider this to be a necessity for a true Hollywood Glam office!

Pay Attention to The Size of The Room

When decorating your Hollywood Glam home office, you should pay special attention to the size of the room. While Hollywood bedrooms are typically large, the home office space is usually far smaller. Keep in mind that Hollywood bedrooms are often used by both men and women, so your workspace should be comfortable and inviting. Remember that it’s not always about the looks; you also need to consider how you’ll be using the room. Is it going to be a place where you can function easily, or will it be a place where you can spend hours on end, working?


Once you determine what your workspace will look like inside your home, you need to think about what kind of furniture will work best in the space. If you’re using the Hollywood Glam looks, then you’re going to want to go with dark, sleek pieces of furniture. That way, you can get the ultimate in privacy while you work. You might also want to go with a hutch over your desk. This way, you can place your supplies, papers, and other items that you use frequently on the hutch, and then store everything else in the drawers, chests, or shelves of your desk.

Choosing Dark and Sleek Furniture

If you’re not decorating your Hollywood Glam home office with this particular look in mind, then you can still create the same effect. Instead of opting for dark, sleek furniture, you can instead choose a lighter color, such as a pewter finish. This will add some accent to your home, but it won’t have the impact on your work space that a black chair would have. This is because the pewter desk will stand out, while the walls around it will be virtually white.

Of course, you’re not limited by color when you are decorating your Hollywood Glam home office. Dark wood or metal can work perfectly well in this space, too. Just make sure that you know how much natural light you’ll have in your workspace, since you don’t want to go with artificial lighting that may be distracting. Also, depending on how open your workspace is, you might want to consider an L-shaped desk, which works great because it allows you to access all of your computer components.

As you can see, there are many options available when you’re looking for the best decor for your Hollywood Glam home office. It’s just a matter of knowing what you want to achieve with the space, and what type of accessories will work best for you. Once you’re able to find the right combination, you’ll find that your home office is one of the most comfortable and productive spaces in your home. It will help to keep you on track and on top of your work.



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