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Popular Basque Dress Styles – There are many different styles of dresses. Some are for formal events, while others are for more casual get togethers. It can be difficult to decide which style of dress is right for you. To help you make a decision, take some time to consider your body type and figure type. This way you will be able to determine the best style of dress for your body.

The style of the bubble skirt dress will look great on women who have a small waistline

FEMININE. Feminine style of dress is usually characterized by pleated fabrics, delicate lace, pleats, bows, and flowers. You may want to choose a style of dress that emphasizes your feminine curves. For example, if you have a small waistline, a bubble skirt style of dress would look great on you. You could also opt for a v-neckline to draw attention to your shoulders and chest. However, if you choose to follow this style of dress to the office, you will most likely find yourself wearing flattering, feminine silhouettes like A-line strapless dresses or cinced waistcoats with spaghetti straps.

GRUNGE. The style of dress that emphasizes your muscles is called “grunge”. It is often worn as a statement piece and is appropriate to wear to both work and casual occasions. Popular grunge styles include baggy cardigans and fitted sleeve shirts.

PRE-Work. If your work attire is simple and professional, a style of dress that emphasizes your built in muscles is called “pre-work”. Popular pre-work styles include fitted cardigans, strapless tops, and jackets. When you wear these types of styles, it is advisable to wear solid colors that will not wash out or be compromised by sweating.

The royal waist style is a popular dress style for fitting dresses


Fitted Dresses. Fitted dresses feature a smooth, fitted neckline and fitted bodice. A popular style of dress for fitted dresses is the empire waist style. This style features a single strap of fabric across the torso. The bodice may feature an empire waistline, or may feature a V style of hemline. Empire waist styles are extremely flattering when worn with the right type of accessories.

Floor Length. Floor-length dress styles are suitable for almost any occasion because they are versatile. Some of the most popular floor length dress styles include the empire waist, long sleeves, halter top, and spaghetti straps.

The shorter style is great for office wear

SHIFT Dresses. A “shift dress” is a short, straight style of dress that often features one long or two short shoulder straps. A shift dress works well with a fitted bodice, because the bodice can be dropped to show off the shift dress skirt. Shorter styles are great for office attire, as they will not be too overwhelming. Longer styles may be ideal for special occasions, such as weddings or prom nights.

Choosing the right basque requires careful thought about body type

Basque. A Basque dress is similar to the classic wedding dress, except it features a lower, straight silhouette. Basques are suitable for almost any body type, but should be carefully considered before being bought. Because the style of the basque neckline is similar to that of the classic wedding dress, many people choose basques simply because they are familiar with the style. Selecting a suitable basque requires careful thought about the body type, as well as the particular fabric desired.

Basque dresses are available in a wide variety of fabrics and styles. Satin is a favorite fabric for many women, as it can be easy to care for. It drape well, and although it does tend to crease slightly, it will not fall down. It is an ideal choice for everyday wear and can be accessorized with necklaces or earrings. Wearing a gathered skirt with a bias-cut top will create the appearance of a slimmer silhouette, while a dropped waistline will emphasize the legs.

Salter is the most versatile dressing style

Halter. One of the most versatile styles of dress, a halter can be found in a range of styles including: high-low, regular, and scoop. Typically, halters have a high waistline with a rounded or crescent neck. A gown with a halter neckline can work to soften a more sheer bust, or to conceal a more modest bust.

Micromini dresses feature shorter skirts and cover a busier silhouette

Micro-mini. A micro-mini dress may feature a skirt that is shorter than the top or no waistline at all. It can either have a halter style neck or a v-neck. This style of dress may work to cover up a more busty silhouette. It can also be accessorized with a belt, scarf, or headband.

Basque. The basque style features an elaborate style of dress which features long sleeves and a full, extended neckline. The sleeve shapes can either be V-shaped or crescent. Often, a woman will choose a style of basque based on whether she wishes to show her shoulders or her arms. Other popular styles of basque include: traditional, mock turtleneck, crew, and nursing.



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