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An Easy Way to Decorate Her Daughter’s Room in Pink – When you are decorating your little girl’s bedroom, you know that pink will be your primary color theme. With tones from delicate blush to extreme fuchsia, pink can be a surprisingly versatile color choice for a girl’s bedroom. And it is certainly not a color that should only be limited to little girls bedrooms. The best pink is out there for everybody, because you’ll find from a wide-ranging variety of pink bedroom decorating ideas. From curtains to pillow covers to paint colors, pink can be used to create the look you love, without too much trouble.

Pink Bedroom Furniture for Little Princess

When selecting your pink bedroom furniture, the first thing to consider is whether you want neutral or accent pieces. There are some great looking, fully lined bedding sets that come in deep pink shades. You can find such sets in pink pinks, mauve, and white. Accents can be created with throw pillows, bed skirts, and window treatments in beautiful shades of pink, including lilac, yellow, and white. Accents like these also go great with sheer curtains that have a patterned trim.

For a classic look, try using a deep teal shade in your pink bedroom furniture. This will give a room a fresh, almost beachy, feeling, reminiscent of the cool ocean air on a warm summer day. Deep, rich browns can also be quite lovely in a girl’s bedroom, with just a hint of subtle blush. In fact, any of these shades can make for a very charming look, perfect for your little princess.

The Purpose of Choosing a Pink Color for a Girl’s Bedroom

Another way to brighten up your girls’ bedroom is with a stunning pink area rug. Pink area rugs really set off the pink walls in the room, creating a focal point that the rest of the decorating scheme will depend on. Area rugs are usually accentuated with a few drapes or blinds, so they serve two purposes. The first purpose is to add interest to the pink area rug itself, giving it visual emphasis. The second purpose is to add a soft, cozy feel to the pink bedroom, creating a perfect haven for your sweet princess.

When selecting your pink walls, keep a few things in mind. Wall color should match the wallpaper that you choose. Also, it’s always a good idea to match the pink walls to your other color choices, so that there is continuity throughout the room.

Suitable Furniture Decoration Ideas

The furniture you use in your girls’ bedroom shouldn’t be too stand out. After all, this is supposed to be a girls-only haven, meant for your little princess to play in, not to stare at while doing homework. Instead, choose pieces that are soft pink, like lace fabric for the upholstered furniture, or cool and neutral colors like browns, greens, beiges, and plaid for the furniture and window treatments. Choose a style palette that matches your wall color and the pink walls, and you’ll have a perfect backdrop for a girl’s bedroom.

Picking a few coordinating accessories is an easy way to pull off the look you’re going for in your daughter’s bedroom. She’ll love having her friends over to play, and you’ll enjoy knowing that she looks so adorable in her boudoir. To jazz up her closet, consider purchasing a few accent walls, bedding sets, and curtains in the same hue as the paint in her walls. A few wall scrolls or figurines in her princess style add pizzazz and lighten up her bedroom setup. If you don’t want to spend money on these items, simply create a themed scrapbook around them, with photos and journaling to document the experience. The best way to encourage creativity in a young woman is to encourage her to view herself as a princess, complete with her own princess themed wardrobe, mirror, night stand, and bedroom accessories.

The key to making this bedroom setup work is to stay away from the more traditional color palettes that we see in traditional girls’ bedrooms. Use pink if you wish, but keep the room in a more natural, relaxing tone. Paint the walls in pale pink, add lots of soft pink accents, and use pink lighting and furniture that don’t scream pink. Your daughter will love her new pink bedroom, and you’ll love that you managed to do all of this on a budget!



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