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Characteristics of Perfect Coastal Interior Design – Creating a coastal interior design can be very simple if you know what you are doing. Characteristics of Coastal Interior Design coastal home decor include coastal breezes, sandy beaches and lush greenery that are perfect for a relaxing holiday or get away. When styling for your coastal cottage decor, the secret to keep in mind is, just as the ocean is a calm body of water, so is your coastal interior design, nothing too overwhelming.

Coastal Home Design Tips

Colors can be a great contrast to the ocean. Soft blues, yellows, browns and other earth tones that can vary from pale to dark can be used throughout the coastal interior design elements. Use a soft fabric to pull together items such as towels, tablecloths and lamps. You can then add elements of seashells, sea grass or driftwood to further bring in the oceanic feel.

Another way to add the feeling of the ocean to your coastal home decor is by choosing accessories that are similar or at least have some similar elements. Accessories can include knick-knacks, glass or ceramic pieces that reflect the sea like shells or crystal pieces, candles in different scents and sea shell patterns. Cottage decor often includes crocheted lace, seashells, starfish and tropical plants. This is one of the easiest of all coastal interior design styles because it is so easy to match accessories to the color scheme. Many interior designers also prefer to add a little bit of seashells to their beach home decor and that is a perfect addition to many rooms including the kitchen.

Bright Paint Color Selection

The colors used in coastal houseplants are typically muted natural colors, especially greens. Rooms can be filled with an assortment of vibrant colors, but to create the look of a true coastal environment, choose shades of earth tones such as browns, tans, creams and yellows. Coastal houseplants can include anything from succulents to cactuses to flowering shrubs and trees. They make excellent choices for providing tropical breezes, subtle scent and color and refreshing aromas. For example, dried lavender is an excellent choice for creating a scent reminiscent of a cross of sandy beaches along the coast.

Coastal homes are often created with natural materials such as wood, rock, tiles and rock. These natural materials provide warmth, but they can also provide a sense of airiness. To provide a sense of openness to a room, choose coastal furniture that has a texture that is both textural and visually pleasing. One such way to create open spaces is to use natural materials, but use them in contrasting colors. This can be accomplished by using a southwestern rock rug or by using a lime green coastal sofa with a brown and cream or tan throw on top.

Natural Material Beach Interior Design

A natural material that works well when creating a coastal look is beach rugs. Rugs come in a wide variety of colors and designs. Some have a very coarse texture, while others have a finer texture. The beach texture creates an environment that is inviting. In contrast, seagrass rugs create an oceanic atmosphere that is relaxing and peaceful. The colors range from soft pastel colors to rich nudes, blues and greens.

When selecting accessories, think about accessories that can work well with coastal interior design. For example, a bowl or plate rack that is made from wrought iron is a perfect style addition to any coastal home. A saltwater fish basket can also be used to accent a room’s natural materials, such as wood or stone. A ceramic or porcelain display case could enhance a coastal kitchen or bathroom, or it could be used to display delicate coastal flowers.

A coastal style home can easily be fashioned from coastal style furnishings and accessories. This type of furniture is available in a wide variety of styles and finishes, from sandstone, cedar and distressed woods. The colours you choose for your coastal style furnishings and accessories can help create the look you are going for.



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