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Anterior Superior Iliac Spine

Masezza.comThe Anterior Superior Iliac Spine is a bony prominence on the ilium, at the anterior extremity of the pelvic crest. This area provides attachment to the sartorius muscle and inguinal ligament. The superior anterior iliac spine and lateral aspect of the inguinal ligament serve as the start points for the measurements of the true leg length. The superior anterior iliac spine lies approximately two thirds of the distance between the umbilicus and the iliac tubercle.

Fracture recurrence is unlikely, and the patient continues to experience symptoms

A 35-year-old male endurance runner presented with a proximal anterior thigh pain for three weeks. Initial radiographs showed possible cortical disruption. A bone scan and MRI scanning confirmed the diagnosis. An avulsion fracture had developed in the anterior superior iliac spine. Three percutaneous screws were placed to treat the stress fracture. The patient recovered after only four weeks. A recurrence of the fracture is unlikely, and the patient continues to experience symptoms.

An MRI can also identify a tears in the rotator cuff tendon

The most common diagnosis of superior anterior-superior migration is a subluxation. In this condition, the humeral head rides up and toward the front of the shoulder. An MRI can also identify tears in the rotator cuff tendons or atrophy or shrinkage of the rotator cuff muscles. Surgical treatment for superior anterior-superior migration is dependent on the type and severity of the complaint.

Anterior refers to the head of the body and inferior to the bottom of the body

Anterior superior and posterior inferior are the two major anatomical systems. Anterior refers to the head part of the body and inferior to the lower part of the body. The inferior extremity includes the foot, the kneecap, and the shoulder blades. In both regions, the iliac spine is at the medial and inferior sides of the body. The posterior side is home to the sacrum. In addition, the medial iliac spine is located superolaterally to the sagittal plane.

The most common injury to the Anterior Superior is a fracture in the C6 vertebra. This fracture results in a triangle-shaped fracture that causes posterior displacement. It may result in incomplete paraplegia and quadriplegia. In addition, anterior-inferior fractures may be a result of flexion injury or an intervertebral disk fragment. However, a triangular fracture can also occur in the lower cervical spine.



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