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Applying Small Craftsman Style Kitchen – The Small Craftsman Kitchen has become a popular choice for new construction as well as remodeling. It’s the “in” thing today to have a home that is functional, stylish, and full of character. The fact that there are so many variations makes it very easy to update a small craftsman style kitchen with something completely new. When upgrading your small craftsman kitchen, keep in mind what you already have. Your home cooked meals will make better with these 100 Craftsman small craftsman kitchen plans.

Combination Of Light Gray Granite Countertop and Stainless Steel Utensils

Light gray granite countertops and stainless steel appliances blend perfectly with this small craftsman kitchen design. Heavy dark wood elements throughout this craftsman style kitchen also helps to give it the feel of a larger room. One of the main focal points of any craftsman style kitchen is the sink. Solid stainless steel sinks with copper faucets are a common feature here. There are a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to choose from so be sure to choose something you like! Some of these sinks even come with decorative finials.

The next big thing to upgrade in a small craftsman kitchen is the cabinets. Solid stained wooden cabinets are usually a must if you want to follow this theme. You can find recessed panel cabinet fronts as well as a variety of other types of hardware including knobs, pulls, etc. If you want more of a country craftsman look you might want to consider some rustic looking cabinetry that is recessed in the wall.

Use Of Paint on Windows

The last big thing to upgrade in small craftsman kitchens is the windows. In these homes the windows are almost always painted white or light honey. However, if you are really into the “old school” a craftsman style kitchen could include old fashioned, large farm windows instead. These would obviously need new windows.


Other upgrades would include new appliances, cookware, and furniture. A natural materials cookware set is great for these kitchens. If you’re not interested in using natural materials you can also purchase beautiful porcelain and glass cookware for this theme. Glassware is always beautiful and very practical for a craftsman style kitchen. You can find many ideas for remodeling your cabinets and other spaces around the room.

Create a Rustic Feel In a Small Craftsman’s Kitchen

If you are looking to create a very rustic feel to your small craftsman kitchen, consider some old country dishes that can be hung on the walls. Dish racks are always an excellent place to hang anything you’d like to display. Bottles, pots, pans, dishes, etc can all be displayed in this way. One thing you may not want to display is used dishes. Your craftsman style kitchen will be very inviting if you stay away from the clutter of modern kitchens.

Most craftsman kitchens have their cabinets and countertops in the Southwestern direction. Because most of your cabinets and countertops will be made out of solid materials such as oak, there is no need to worry about them fading or changing colors. Solid wood cabinets tend to age well and look better for their age than a laminate cabinet or countertop. Granite is one of the only natural stones that looks good in kitchens. The cool coloration of granite is also a plus, since it is one of the easiest materials to maintain and clean.

Most of your space in your craftsman style kitchen will be open or free standing. If you are going to install cabinetry, it should either be installed in your unfinished kitchen or be part of an existing structure. The island design is very popular since it allows you more room on each end for preparing food. Island units can be designed to contain a sink, refrigerator, and even a dishwasher. You can find many open shelf cabinetry units that allow you to mount your appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators on the wall.



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