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Choosing Rustic Bathroom Vanities – Rustic decor is becoming increasingly popular as more people love the outdoors in their homes and want to recreate it in their bathrooms. Rustic design basically means being very close to nature, it probably sounds like you when you leave a rustic home, there are mountains nearby or the trees are bare. The main characteristic is, of course, natural items such as wood and stone, and very relaxed, calming furniture. A rustic bathroom would be a very relaxing space in which you can take a nice refreshing bath and feel very close to nature.

Choosing Items for a Rustic Bathroom

When choosing the items for a rustic bathroom you will have to decide on what colors to use, because you obviously can’t have bright colors in a rustic bathroom. One good idea is to use hues of brown and greens, which are similar to each other, but lighter. For example, if you use brown and tan wood then perhaps you could paint the wall and ceiling with a combination of brown and green.

The next important aspect is the rustic bathroom furniture, because you should remember that the walls and ceilings are all going to be made of wood and stone, so you’ll have to incorporate wooden pieces throughout. There are a few ideas that you could try, if you’re looking for vintage pieces, antique porcelain sinks, old soapstone sinks, wooden flooring, wooden cabinet knobs and pulls, a vintage towel rack and shelves, old milk glass, and a vintage soapstone mirror. You could choose to add vintage accessories as wall decor, such as a reproduction curling iron, or an old ceramic kettle that you can use. If you want to add a unique touch, why not use authentic wrought iron wood shelves, or a genuine antique crystal decanter?

Important Aspects of Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Another important aspect of rustic bathroom ideas is the colour palette, because if you have any sort of coloured walls then you’re bound to get compliments! So you could use light pastel colours or soft cushioned natural tones. You may also want to try soft floral scented candles, with a hint of red in the background. This will set the mood and add a little romance to your bathroom.

Rustic decor also works well with natural accessories, including soapstone candles, coasters, towel racks and shelves, vintage glassware, and even old-school ceramic toilets. Soapsstone is particularly popular as a rustic decor element because it is both striking and versatile. There is such a variety of soapstone colours so it’s easy to find the right one to complement your rustic bathroom design. Some of the common types include coral, sandstone and ivory. You could also opt to use other naturally occurring minerals, like lapis lazuli.

The Key to Creating an Authentic Rustic Bathroom

You could look at repainted wood, but it’s not the most attractive option and it can get quite expensive to buy new wood. A cheaper alternative is to buy an unfinished wood that can be stained and finished to create a rustic bathroom for a fraction of the cost. The key to creating an authentic rustic bathroom using unfinished materials is to treat the timber as you would treat wooden furniture. Apply a wax to seal the wood and then finish with aged, protective varnish to protect it from stains and water damage.

Natural stone vanities are a more classic rustic bathroom idea, but there are so many more possibilities when it comes to vanities. There are large slate and marble designs to consider, as well as natural stone or metal vanities and storage spaces. If you want to add a little sophistication to your rustic bathroom, why not create a storage space? A simple wooden frame to stand on is all that is required for a storage space vanity, giving you the ability to hide away your clutter. An added advantage is the rustic look you will get by finishing the timber with an aged finish varnish. That will add a little bit of character to your vanity as well.

One of the great advantages of using natural materials in rustic bathroom design is that the items will fit right into the natural texture and atmosphere. Natural wood and stone will work really well with wabi-sabi style rustic furniture and will also complement other rustic elements such as bamboo, ceramic tiles and other textured materials. Using textures such as wabi-sabi, you can create a bathroom that will look like it was carved out of the mountain. Why stop with just a toilet, bath or shower? Why not create your own unique storage space using natural, rustic materials such as wooden chests, buckets, vases, copper pots and any other containers that will fit naturally into your rustic bathroom.



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