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Decorating With Shabby Chic Home Decor – The shabby chic home is truly a timeless decorating style that can add sophistication and a touch of comfort to any home. The shabby chic home is one where the decor and furniture are worn with naughtiness but with a certain charm. This style is truly an “old clothes” look. The shabby chic look is reminiscent of bygone days when furniture was often cobbled together and mismatched. These style characteristics are what lend the shabby chic home it’s charm and character.

Decorating a Simple Shabby Chic Home

When you decorate your shabby chic home, keep in mind that it is meant to be worn and admired. You don’t want to dress it up too much, or it will seem out of place. Instead, go for a more antique look with very ornate fabrics and simple geometric patterns. Also remember to keep it clean, as you don’t want to put too much work into keeping it updated. Many people use this style as the backdrop for their living room or bedroom. Others may choose this to accentuate a cozy sitting room or bedroom.

When choosing the type of furnishings you will use for your shabby chic home decor style, remember that this type of decor is all about the use of soft and subtle tones. One thing you can do to get this feel is to keep the focal point of your space, such as a bed, in a wooded area of the house. Another thing you can do is to display some wooden furniture pieces in your home such as end tables, wooden bookshelves, or even an old chest. By doing so, you will pull the whole space together and give it a welcoming and comforting feel that is reminiscent of bygone days.

Shabby Chic Home Decoration Style Color Selection

The thing about shabby chic home decor style is that it tries to evoke feelings of mildew, which is what you might find in older homes with wooden furniture. If you want to bring some of that appeal back into your modern day living space, then you will want to tone down on the use of colors such as beige, cream, and green. Instead, opt for colors such as cream, pink, or peach, as they are a bit more gender neutral than the previous style, which was centered on pastel palettes.

There are several different styles of shabby chic interiors that you can decorate your home with. One is called the French Shabby style. This particular style uses fabrics in a light pastel palette such as crepe, velvet, and Georgette. You can use these same fabrics in cushions and curtains as well. This particular style works great for guest rooms and lends itself to a more romantic atmosphere. To pull your shabby chic home decor style off correctly, it is important to keep the look simple.

The Furniture Used is Easy to Find

Another popular style of this type of home decor is called American Fretting Style. This style is all about the basic items found around the home. These pieces include a clothes rack, mirror, rocking chair, and a hutch. It also a great idea to use this style of furniture around your entryway so that your visitors have something to look at as they enter your home. You can find similar pieces in other furniture stores but if you prefer a more unique style then you may want to look for individualized pieces of furniture.

The last type of Shabby Chic decor is known as the baroque style. This decor style focuses on using heavy dark woods along with lots of lace and floral accents throughout the home. Think of the time period when this decor style was popular in Europe. The emphasis was on the beauty of furniture and the indulgence of the sensual.

Choosing shabby chic decor for your home is about adding a charm that is subtle and beautiful. By keeping the focus on the textures instead of the focal point you can add a welcoming and comfortable element to any interior design scheme. Remember that by changing the textures you are also changing the mood and atmosphere of the room.



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