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Eclectic Study Room Design – How to Make a Small Area Look Larger – When you are looking to design a small but cozy-looking study area, consider the possibilities of using a small eclectic rug. There is actually no saying that all small rugs should be eclectically designed. Some small rugs, such as animal print ones, can be used more ecologically. In some cases a small rug can work with the style and shape of the furniture while still creating a small but cozy space. The key is to take your time when selecting a small rug.

Pay attention to the materials and where the rugs are made of

One thing to consider when choosing a small eclectic study room design is the material the rug is made from. You may find that it will work best in areas that get a lot of direct sunlight or have a lot of natural light. For these purposes, choose one that is made from materials that are able to absorb the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

There are many ways that you can incorporate a rug into an area that has a lot of shade. A great way to do this is to use a low level table. Using an area rug on the floor around the table will make it look cozy while also allowing you to use the rug underneath for extra warmth. The same idea can be applied to an end table. This allows you to use the table and the rug at the same time for a dual purpose. Another option would be to use a low standing lamp with a small table under it.

Do not place the rug near electrical appliances or outlets

An area rug should not be placed too close to an electrical appliance or outlet. In some cases it may not be feasible to place an area rug between the outlet and the rug. If you must, make sure that the area rug you use has some extra room to spread out. You may need to buy an extra large rug for this purpose.

Lighting is an important detail you have to consider

Lighting is another important detail that you may want to consider when planning your small but efficient study room design. This can be tricky. For the sake of practicality, you will probably want to minimize the lighting in the room. This can be accomplished by positioning furniture so that they are not in direct view of each other. Placing windows near the edges of the room can help as well. It will allow you to get maximum light into the study room without having to turn on any lights.

Some tips for using a desk for the Eclectic Study Room

You will want to avoid using a table that is too high. This makes it harder for you to comfortably place your laptop on the table. You may also want to avoid using a table that has sharp edges. If there are sharp edges on the table, they may cut your fingers when you are typing on the computer. It may also be tempting to place your legs on the table, but this is not a good idea. These legs could easily slice through the carpet pad underneath, causing a terrible accident.

Instead, you should utilize a table that is at least three feet in length. You should also make sure to use chairs that are the same size or smaller. For instance, if the table is only two feet, use chairs that are the same size or smaller. Even though the chairs are smaller than the table, they will give you more comfort. The smaller area will make it easier for you to type as you do not have to move much.

You should also utilize the smaller space to add other interesting features. This can include bookshelves, a cabinet for papers and a desk for one’s books. By using these tips for small eclectic study room design, you will be able to maximize the amount of space that you have available for your computer and other electronics.



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