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Furnishing Your Small Japanese Apartment

Masezza.comBeautiful small Japanese apartments are often overlooked in favor of larger accommodations. There is nothing wrong with opting for a smaller apartment; it can be just as cozy and private as larger accommodations. It just takes a little extra time and effort to design a small Japanese apartment of your own. Simple ideas for decorating a small Japanese apartment include.

Decorating Japanese Apartments in Beautiful Colors

Liven it up with colorful fabrics. Use rugs, cushions, pillows, and mats to add color and life to your small Japanese apartment. You could also use colorful carpets or rugs with motifs from your Japanese home decor. Keep in mind that the colors you use in your interior design studio will stay with your home for years to come.

Too much furniture in a small space can be overwhelming. Many people make the mistake of using small Japanese apartments as just another space to dump junk. This may be fine for students, but adults do not need a living space filled with a mountain of unneeded items.

Tips for Getting Luxurious Antique Furniture

Although you may be able to find some interesting pieces from antique markets or flea markets, most authentic pieces of furniture for small Japanese apartments are quite expensive. In most cases, it would be more cost effective to just rent a few authentic pieces of furniture for your small Tokyo apartment. You can then use them sparingly when you have guests and less frequently when you are relaxing at home.

When decorating a small Tokyo apartment, it is easy to get carried away with all the crazy small Japanese apartment items that you can cram into the place. Some people even end up cramming in too much furniture and antiques into their micro-apartments. This is not a good idea. Keep in mind that your goal is to live in a small Japanese micro-apartment, not a crazy small Japanese apartment. Keep the furniture and antiques to a bare minimum and you’ll be able to maximize your small Japanese apartment space.

The Right Way to Decorate a Small Japanese Apartment

One of the worst mistakes you can make when decorating a small Japanese apartment is overdoing the carpeting in your apartment. The truth is, a lot of micro-apartments in Tokyo are not really designed for heavy carpeting. A lot of these apartments have small rooms above them and the carpets are simply added onto the ceiling and on the walls. It is much better to have light colored carpets on the floor and small rugs or mats on the furniture than having a light carpet with dark colors on the furniture and the ceiling.

Don’t forget the storage space! Many micro-apartments in Tokyo are small because there is not enough space for a big living space in the apartment. So when choosing your furniture, it’s important to make sure it is functional as well as being aesthetically pleasing. If you are going to buy small Japanese apartment furniture, make sure you think about these things. Pick out the furniture first and see if it will meet all your storage space needs.

One of the best tricks to use is finding something that is a bit of both. If your Japanese apartment is small, you can get built-in cabinets and shelves. Built-in cabinets and shelves are much nicer in Japanese apartments than they are in the US due to the fact that they have a higher built-in quality. If your Japanese apartment is big however, you can get built-in cabinets with open shelves but be wary about the look of the built-in cabinet or the amount of space it takes up. You can also get built-in hutches that can fit under your furniture as a storage space and even a desk.



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