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5 Best Home Office Decor Items – Many people would love to set up their own Home Office. They would love the freedom of being able to work out of their own home without having to be accountable for any type of business dealings. But setting up a Japanese Home Office is not as easy as one may think. There are many factors to consider. For instance, would you want to use your old and traditional L-shaped wardrobe or would you like to add an office area? Would you like to keep your desk on the ground or on some type of elevated platform?

Considering Traditional Japanese Home Office Style

These are just a few of the questions that come to mind when considering a home office in traditional Japanese style. Now there are many other factors to consider, and they include, how much can I afford, what type of atmosphere would I like and what type of furniture or accent items would I like to have for my Japanese style home office. The first thing to consider is a good picture in Japanese style, the picture is called Haiku, which literally mean flowery writing, and it is used to decorate the room. The next picture is called Zen, it is basically a phrase that means wisdom. These two pictures and other designs of traditional Japanese home office decor are found online in various websites dedicated to traditional Japanese style decor.

In traditional Japanese home office decor, the study room is decorated using a desk, bookshelves and a small glass cabinet with lock. Any accessories are kept to a minimum and include a pen holder, paper cutter and calculator. If more is needed for the room than can be bought at the time, there is the option to buy individual items to add later down the road. The lamp shade is usually red, since it represents the bright side of life in traditional Japanese culture. There are some finishes that give a rustic feeling to the decor. These finishes include white, black and blue.

Using a Small Tea Table in a Japanese Home Office

A small tea table is usually present along with a couple of chairs. For an added touch to your Japanese home office, you could always add a stool in its place. Some people would use a small Japanese teapot as a seat. Another item that can be included in your Japanese home office decor is a chop stick. Chop sticks are traditionally used by Japanese students when taking part in school games and it symbolizes academic success in traditional Japanese culture. You may also want to include a few book shelves to keep all of your reference books at hand.

Traditional Japanese style home office desk is made of wood with a cabinet below. This desk usually has a large work area for writing and reading. There are also corner units available in many homes to use as a file cabinet or an organizer. An area for a computer is normally incorporated into a corner unit.

Finding the Right Japanese Furniture

You can always find an authentic cabinetmaker to create a cabinet that fits the way your Japanese furniture is constructed. A Soviet ambassador is similar to a Japanese home office in its construction but it is smaller and more convenient for a quick grab while on the go. A home ambassador is perfect for a student who always needs his or her documents right away. They are usually small in size and can hold a personal computer, a printer and an ink marker.

If you are looking for a unique yet functional piece of home office decor, you may want to consider a bookcase. Some people use bookcases as a work space in their home office, while others use them to display rare books. If you have a large library, you can use a bookcase as a display shelf. It is important to be careful when choosing bookcases to make sure they have strong glass sides and latches to prevent them from being opened during storage. Some bookcases also have doors on the top which can help maintain privacy while still maintaining an organized appearance.

A shoji lamp is another great item for a Japanese home office. These lamps are handmade and reflect the culture of Japan. A shoji lamp can come in various sizes and colors. You can place one beside your desk at night to read while you are working. Or, if you prefer to have one light in an area that you can control, you can get a floor lamp with a short light inside. The lights of these lamps shine like stars in a Japanese room and can be seen from anywhere in the room.



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