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How to Decorate a Hollywood Glamour Bedroom – Hollywood Glam Bedroom Decor ideas bring a touch of glamour to the bedroom. They combine Hollywood glamour style with the chic sophistication of elegant and modern bedroom designs. With Hollywood Glamour bedroom decor ideas you can decorate your bedroom with a touch of glamour and show-stopping design. Here are some quick tips on bedroom design with glamour.

Hollywood Glamour Bedroom Decor Ideas

Hollywood Glamour bedroom decor ideas may consist of an abundance of natural lighting or artificial lighting. In case of natural lighting in the bedroom may have overhead fixtures with dimmers so that you can control the lighting for the right effect. For the more uplifting effect you may put up recessed lighting in the form of chandeliers, pendants or crystal lighting. For the more dramatic effect you may hang heavy drapes across the ceiling.

Sets the mood for the room. Try out luxurious silk bedding in rich shades of red or black. Alternatively you may go for quilted bed covers in warm floral patterns. Pillows and throws add to the soft feel. Remember you can use any pattern to create a romantic feel. You may throw in some silks and brocades for the walls to give a romantic touch.

Use colours like red, orange and yellow to give a hint of glamour to the bedroom. These colours look amazing when placed next to each other. Keep in mind you don’t need to overdo it with bright and vivid colours. Keep it simple and subtle. A small accent wall is enough to do the trick.

Using Solid Wood Pieces in the Bedroom

Your bedroom should have a look of royalty. Use solid wood pieces and embellishments to make it look rich. Opt for pieces with carved details to give a regal look. Chairs and beds should be elegant with curved seats and curves in the foot rest. Accessorise with beautifully woven curtains. Shades in rich dark tones give the room a sensuous look.

Lighting: Hollywood glamour requires sufficient natural lighting. It helps set the mood for the evening. If your bedroom gets artificial lights then add lamps that cast light on the windows. The chandeliers hanging from the ceiling also lend a beautiful touch to the room. Halogen floor lamps placed at various locations also look very good.

mirrors: They always add to the glamour of a room. However, there is a thin line between having too many mirrors and having none. Use a minimum of 2 mirrors to create the desired effect. Do not place them more than 4 feet apart. Small clutches or makeup bags are an elegant accessory to compliment the Hollywood glamour of the bedroom.

Choose a Spacious Storage Table

You can never have enough of jewelry, cosmetics and towels. A vanity table with ample storage space is ideal for storing these items. You can further use the vanity table for displaying your fine jewelry. Bedroom mirrors are another way to create Hollywood glamour. Place one large mirror in the hallway between your bedroom and bathroom to complete the look.

Hollywood bedrooms are lit differently than your normal room. Chandeliers are often used instead of traditional lighting to add a Hollywood touch. Side table lamps are also an elegant accessory to compliment the lighting in the room. Light up the ceiling lights during nighttime. You can also replace your standard lighting with dimmer switches for a more dramatic effect.

For a more romantic look, choose a colorful curtain that flows across the bed. It is advisable to have something fluffy and silky like silk or chiffon to decorate the bed. Choose a curtain with flowers or hearts on it. These curtains add a touch of femininity to the bedroom. Another popular option is a printed curtain with ornate designs. This will help give the bedroom an elegant look.

Making Hollywood Bedrooms Feel Cozy

Hollywood bedrooms often have black and white bare wood furniture. To give the bedroom a more dramatic look, install a dimmer switch. Instead of using a traditional lamp, install a wrought iron lamp on the table. Make sure that there is enough lighting in the bedroom to make you feel comfortable.

The most popular color palette chosen by Hollywood designers is black and white. They prefer this simple and elegant look. Pink is another popular choice for decorating bedrooms. However, it’s better not to use pink if you’re a girl who loves to be loud. It will look too girly.



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