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How to Decorate a Small Pink Study Room – A small pink room, just enough to brighten things up, can be a magical way of making your child feel special. The same effect can be achieved for the rest of the family with varying designs and themes for your daughter’s room and for your entire home. The bright color schemes used in children’s rooms these days have become more playful, and pink is the current favorite. When you make use of various pink bedroom set designs, you will be able to turn an average pink room into a haven of pink happiness. Let us see some small pink set decoration ideas.

Cute Pink Study Room Decoration Style

A study set for girls should make them feel like a princess. A princess-themed study would be specially designed to meet your requirements. A princess-themed bed would be a great addition to the bedroom; make it a feature by putting in a canopy or a slide. You can also line the bed with little pink teddy bears and pink rugs. An assortment of books on decorating styles can be found at local bookstores and you can also buy a DVD on decorating for girls that can inspire you to create a similar room in your daughter’s study.

You can use pink color schemes for the walls and for accessories. Girls love pink, and if you use this color in their room, they would definitely love the new look. For their desks, you can put in a desk with a lampshade shaped in the shape of a heart, add some Barbie posters and figurines, and most importantly, choose pink cushions for their chairs. You can also use a pink telephone and make it a talking piece for the young girl.

Children would definitely love to have a Barbie dresser in their study room. Put one with Barbie’s head on display. It would be a nice surprise for her, and she can keep it as a reminder of a fun time she had as a child. Another good idea would be to have a Barbie nightstand. This would be perfect for when she wants to dress up and go out.

Adding Light and Ambience to the Room

A small pink corner TV and a few lamps would be a nice addition to this room. Place the TV in the corner so that the girls can watch TV when they get home from school. A few lamps on the side would provide some light and add ambiance to the room.


A couple of bookshelves made of books would be a perfect addition to this room. Another decorating idea would be to have a couple of shelves in the study room painted pink in color. You can place them over the TV. Bookshelves made of books are ideal for storing all your girl’s reading materials.

Complementing the Perfect Room with Chandeliers

The last thing you can add to this room is a mini-fridge that runs from the wall to the floor. This would be great for storing any spare change that your daughter might buy while at home. A small sink with a countertop is also ideal. This allows the girl to wash her hands before she uses the sink. A wall-mounted chandelier or pendant lamp on the ceiling would be the perfect accent to complement this perfect room.


Your little princess is sure to love her new room. It will be just like she has returned to kindergarten days. All her friends will be jealous of how much space she has and how well organized it is too. You might also consider buying her some playing cards and board games. She is sure to be thrilled with her small pink study room.



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