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How To Distinguish Between Conventional And Modern Furniture Designs – Modern furniture generally refers to furniture made since the late 19th century up to the present which is greatly influenced by modernism. Post-World War II idealistic notions of functionalism, minimalism, and excess completely influenced the general aesthetic of furniture from its creation to the present. It can be classified according to its general appearance, function, or form.

Considering Using Modern Furniture

The term modern furniture today refers to those pieces of furniture which are consciously designed with a contemporary aesthetic in mind. The main idea behind this modernism is the belief that an object needs to look like something out of the past in order to be considered modern. This means that things from the 19th century are objects that should be eliminated as an affectation of modern furniture. It is believed that the products of these years lack any aesthetic value and have no other purpose than providing and maintaining a comfortable existence.

Many types of modern furniture have emerged in the past decades. These include modern beds and tables, cabinets, dressers, chairs, tables, desks, television sets, refrigerators, and so on. Most modern furniture is designed with a sense of uniformity and minimalism while conveying a particular message or a style. The pieces may not convey a particular meaning and aesthetic desired by the owner or creator.

Characteristics of Modern Furniture

A typical modern furniture piece would consist of a table with at least one side table, a couple of chairs with or without backs, a couple of chairs with or without arms, drawers for storage, a hutch for display, shelves for holding books or clothes, a bookcase, and a curio cabinet. While most furniture pieces have solid wood or glass surfaces, some modern furniture is made using a variety of fabrics and surfaces such as plastic, mesh, leather, vinyl, and metal. These items may be well tailored to meet the individual requirements and preferences of their owners.

The modern furniture could be categorized into modern furniture made of wood and metal. Examples of wood made pieces would be side tables, coffee tables, dressers, desks, etc. Of metal made pieces would be television stands, shelves, cabinets, and curios. Modern furniture made of fabric is preferred more by some for its versatility, comfort, and easy maintenance. Examples of such fabric pieces are couch cushions, pillow-cases, shams, etc. In case you have your own unique ideas, you may even decorate your space according to your needs and tastes!

Another way of categorizing modern furniture would be to determine whether it conveys a minimalist or a traditional look. Contemporary design basically highlights the visual elements of form and function. By incorporating sharp contrasts in colors and shapes, this kind of design tries to highlight the smallness of objects in an attempt to create a more dynamic space. Meanwhile, for traditional pieces, they usually employ darker colors and ornate detailing that serve to amplify the functionality of the pieces. They are more conservative pieces that are often used to complement contemporary spaces.

Easy Ways to Distinguish Modern Furniture

A good way to identify modern furniture from that of conventional designs is to look at the materials used. Most modern furniture uses lightweight and durable woods such as oak and teak. However, classic designs tend to use hardwoods such as cherry or maple. Mid-century modern furniture designs on the other hand, use steel and iron to great effect. Their most popular pieces would be lounger chairs, coffee tables, side tables, and mirrors.

Most modern furniture is designed to blend with the existing motif and color scheme of a room. You can achieve this by including modern furniture pieces that are smaller than usual. For instance, if your living room has a long tradition design, you can have a modern piece that would add to its grandeur by being smaller than the rest of the items in the room. This allows you to create an ambiance of uniformity while making the most of smaller spaces.



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