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Designing a Modern Living Room – What is a modern living room? In short, it’s a room that is designed in a contemporary style and is full of modern amenities. Most modern living rooms are attached to kitchen areas, usually a separate room, with a sofa in the middle for people to sit and eat. This creates an open, spacious and airy feel.

Definition of Living Room Design

Living rooms are a place to gather. They’re where the family gathers to watch television, play board games or talk about important issues. With so much going on, it can be easy to miss how functional and helpful a modern living room can actually be. Most modern living room designs are open and visually unobstructed. This means there is plenty of room for a great deal of activity and conversation.

For a truly modern living room, the furniture should be bold and strong. Solid color walls are common, as is the use of textures like hardwoods or glass. When considering textures, think of surfaces that you would feel comfortable sitting on. If the area is small, consider a large wooden table that wraps around the back of the sofa. You may also choose to use two smaller tables that are side by side to create a sense of flow and depth within the room.

Because modern living room furniture is open-plan, you may find that choosing the right textures is one of the trickiest aspects of designing a space. With open-plan living spaces, the furniture is usually arranged in columns. However, if your living space is broken-plan, you’ll have more freedom when it comes to texture.

Tips for Making a Modern Small Living Room Design

Perhaps the easiest way to create a modern design in a small space living room is to hang art over a sofa or love seat. In fact, hanging art over a love seat is a great way to create a modern design in a small space. Not only is this a modern style, but it can also be very visually pleasing and flattering to the eyes. Art that coordinate with the colors of your wall art can also add interest and character to your modern living room design. Remember that your wall art and your artwork should speak to your guests about your personality, so choose art pieces that reflect your interests.

You can really transform your modern living room by adding a modern coffee table. The coffee table can be an interesting focal point in the room, especially if you choose a table that matches your sofa or loveseat. Modern coffee tables often include storage space for magazines, CDs, DVDs, or even toys for kids.

Selection of the Best Large Mirrors and Rug Colors Bold

Finally, you can make a modern living room even more modern by choosing oversized mirrors. Oversized mirrors can become the focal point of the room by being the longest piece of furniture in the room. If the mirror is oversized, then put it against the longest wall in the room. This is a great way to use the mirror as a functional piece rather than a decorative piece. Also consider a modern living room rug that is darker and bolder than other rugs. Often times a bold colored rug will do much more to add character to a room than a more plain-colored rug.

Once you have your modern living room furniture, accessories, and wall decor in place, throw pillows and fabrics on top of your furniture can help complete the modern feel. Throw pillows add softness to the seats and couches. Fabric throws can be a nice contrast to the dark wood of most modern furniture. These fabrics look great on leather couches and chairs. Remember that your pillows should match the fabric that you choose for your throw pillows, because too much of a contrast will simply make your modern living room furniture look silly.



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