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Smaller Modern Living Room Ideas – A small, modern living room can be very inviting. Simplicity and minimalism are mainstays of modern interior design. If your living space is cramped and clustered, it sometimes seems even smaller than it really is, but by carefully staging your small living area, you can attain that chic and simple look. Staging your small living space properly means that you can use the most decorative and useful furnishings without taking up a lot of room. Here are some tips to help you stage your small modern living room.

Installing Large Window For Modern Living Room

If you have a small modern living room that needs a lot of sunlight or is near a window, you can make it seem larger by installing windows that let to a fair amount of natural light in the room. Similarly, if your room is dark and dreary, add some light elements by installing mirrors or skylights. If your room opens out to a patio, and a small outdoor table or a coffee table to expand the space. You can use these ideas even when your home has more traditional design elements, such as a gazebo or a patio with a swing.

When you are designing your small modern living room, keep in mind the scale of your furniture. You can get away with using big pieces of furniture on a small space if you are careful about proportion and balance. Keep in mind that the biggest thing that will visually obstruct the eye in a room is simply not having enough furniture. Therefore, while decorating, focus on creating a layout that encourages people to move around and sit. Remember that the bigger your pieces of furniture are, the more seats you will need, so go with proportionality and leave out pieces that are too large for the space.

As you plan your small, modern living room, remember that lighting is very important. The most ideal lighting scenario is a combination of natural and artificial lighting, which is why hanging mirrors gives your space a beautiful look and feel. If your living space is small, consider some interesting light fixtures like chandeliers and track lights. You can also install ceiling lighting in interesting shapes and patterns like arches, triangles and circles. Be sure to strategically place lighting in key areas such as the center of the ceiling, above doorways and windows, near your furniture and in the corners of rooms.

The Best Way to Keep a Small Modern Living Room

A great way to keep your small modern living room modern without sacrificing comfort is to incorporate interesting artwork into your space. Consider using art that speaks to you or that lends to the overall feel and theme of your home. Your living room should be the first room visitors experience, so take the time to consider the artwork you have chosen carefully and select pieces that speak to you or reflect your unique personality.

Natural Stone Floors – There are many small modern living room ideas that revolve around natural stone and wood flooring. Natural stone floors add a touch of elegance and style to any home. Natural stone flooring is available in many different types of materials including travertine, granite, limestone, sandstone and slate. Travertine comes in slab or tile forms and has a beautiful rustic appearance. It is an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchen areas. Granite and limestone both look nice and are easy to care for, but sandstone has a rugged feel to it that can be used outdoors and indoors.

Wall Art and Sculpture – Modern Living Room Ideas

Wall Art and Sculptures – Modern living room ideas that revolve around wall art and sculptures are great ideas for small spaces because these items will help you to define the size of your room. Wall art can range from large paintings to small figurines and from metal frames to fine wood. In addition to being decorative, wall art can serve a functional purpose as well. Wall mounted paintings can have prints that match your furniture and other design elements, and they will help you to define the boundaries between areas of your home. Sculptures are another great idea for small spaces.

Built-In Storage – If you are unable to add any decorative pieces to your living space, you may still be able to create a small but elegant look by adding built-in storage units. Built-in storage units are perfect for organizing small items such as books, CDs, DVDs and other media. Using built-in storage is also a great idea if you do not have a lot of wall space to work with. Many people use the built-in storage to hide electronic equipment that would otherwise tend to get lost in a cluttered home. Wall mounted storage is a practical solution for small home offices as well. You will have more room on the floor and will have better access to all of your supplies.



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