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Interior Design Styles Through the Ages – Contemporary furniture generally refers to contemporary furniture made in the late 19th Century through the contemporary era that is largely influenced by modernism. The style of the furniture was influenced by post-World War II idealistic concepts of rationalism, commodification, and reduction of unnecessary waste. While these futuristic ideas shaped the aesthetics of contemporary furniture, the styles have actually changed over time. Nowadays, contemporary furniture has evolved into a very wide variety of styles and designs for almost any home.

Ornate Furniture Generally has Rich and Intricate Details

One of the earliest forms of contemporary furniture was ornate. Ornate furniture generally had intricate detailing and rich, bold colors that are seen on masterpieces from the Renaissance era and earlier. Ornate furniture often emphasized forms and textures instead of just solid wood. In many cases, these ornate pieces are intricately carved in metal and glass. Examples include benches and table from the Renaissance period and chairs and footstools from the Art Noveau period.

A more transitional style of contemporary furniture is the more rounded and organic look. Much like the more ornate pieces, the more rounded and organic pieces typically featured curved forms and exposed joints. These pieces can include an armoire with open shelves and curved panels as well as a side table. While this type of design features more organic forms and less intricate detailing, it also has more functionality as well. For instance, one side table might be used as a place to prop up a display shelf for an item that is not being displayed.

Characteristics of Popular Contemporary Furniture Design

The third, and most recent, popular contemporary furniture design is called minimalist design. Minimalists generally focus on providing as much storage space as possible while still maintaining visual balance. This type of style is very similar to the first two mentioned styles; however, the focus is on materials, colors and textures that create an atmosphere of minimalism.

Clean lines are at the top of the list for contemporary furniture design. Clean lines are not geometric or spindly, but are rather flowing and clean. This clean lines often appear to be airy because they do not contain intricate detail or any visual elements that might become distracting to the eye. Contemporary furniture with clean lines also have an inviting effect. Because the lines are simple and the overall look is so inviting, contemporary furniture makes the room come alive.

Definition and Functions of Contemporary Furniture

Next, open spaces are popular in contemporary furniture design. As more homes are being built with open spaces, it is important to take advantage of this space to make it feel open and light. Contemporary pieces are designed to minimize the visual open spaces, focusing instead on materials that create an intimate ambiance. Examples include small bookcases or candle wall sconces that provide the perfect amount of open space.

Lastly, the contemporary furniture pieces style is also influenced by function. In the design of a contemporary home, the pieces are designed to be useful, and to fit into the daily life of the homeowner. This means the pieces may be small, like a side table, but the function is much greater. A side table may be used as a coffee table, or to place candles on, or it could hold a vase of flowers or even a plant. The material used in the side table may match the upholstered chair that sits upon it, or it could be a simple wood that allows the chair to fold up and into the table.

Contemporary interior design is important in creating a home that feels comfortable and inviting. The pieces are simplistic, yet have great functionality. They create an environment that invites people to sit and relax, but also reflects a modern lifestyle that many people want to have. If you are interested in the look of contemporary furniture but also want a home that is practical and comfortable, the contemporary furniture design style may be right for you.



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