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Scandinavian Kitchen Island Design –¬†Scandinavian kitchen islands are multifunctional spaces that combine modern minimalism with practical necessities. This stunning setup from Naked Kitchens shows how saturated hues can fit in with the aesthetic if paired with natural elements.

Light is Key in Scandi Kitchens

Pale blue cabinetry makes this minimalist Scandi kitchen feel clean and bright. Simple white dome pendants add a touch of minimal elegance. Wood stools, a patterned backsplash and a handful of indoor plants warm up the design. Light is key in Scandi kitchens, and plenty of it can be found in the room’s largest surface: an island. Light wood finishes like the stools here and pale cabinetry make this space feel bright and airy, even in a small footprint.

A minimalist approach is also important for Scandinavian design, and that includes a lack of visible hardware on cabinets. Adding open shelving beneath the kitchen island lets you showcase favorite items while also minimizing storage clutter. Add a pop of color with an island stool or wall paint that’s a lighter shade than the rest of your kitchen. Here, a pistachio green chair breaks up the all-white palette and adds visual interest to this island. A classic subway tile backsplash is a staple in modern Scandinavian designs, and it can be accented with contrasting grout or a patterned mural to bring a Scandi edge to a traditional kitchen.

Wood is a popular design element in Scandi kitchens, from flooring to cabinetry. The warmth of the material pairs nicely with neutral shades and adds a natural feel to the kitchen. It’s also a great way to introduce color into the space without creating too much contrast. Flat-front cabinets are common in Scandinavian kitchens as they create a clean, uncluttered look and can be easily cleaned and maintained. Hardware-free doors are another classic feature that works well with this aesthetic.

A Classic Choice for Backsplashes in Kitchen Style

White subway tile is a classic choice for backsplashes in this style of kitchen, as it’s easy to coordinate with any color scheme. For added visual interest, opt for beveled tiles that have a textured surface. While sleek minimalist kitchen cabinet ideas and glossy paint finishes are a hallmark of this style, there’s no rule against incorporating other kitchen designs into your Scandinavian kitchen. Reclaimed wood furniture and rattan accents are both traditional elements that complement this aesthetic.

One key to a Scandinavian kitchen design is streamlined cabinetry, which creates an uncluttered look and makes it easier to clean. Opting to lose some upper cabinets and add shelving can help you achieve this goal, as seen in this airy kitchen from Brexton Cole Interiors. A Scandi kitchen can also feel cozy and inviting by incorporating spaces where family members can gather. Whether it’s a comfortable breakfast banquette or an open dining room setup, these cozy spots encourage people to stay and chat.

Gives Its Own Character to a Neutral Color Scheme

Though white is a staple color in Scandinavian kitchens, don’t be afraid to introduce other shades of gray. Black can be used in a subtle fashion to delineate spaces, highlight architectural features, and create visual contrast. In this sleek culinary space, the use of black stools and wall sconces lends a distinctive character to the neutral color scheme. You can also use dark wood tones to create a modern Scandinavian kitchen with a nod to classic design. A Scandi kitchen with an island offers plenty of opportunities for storage, whether you want to stash a collection of all-white dishes or wood accents like a set of cutting boards. Floating shelves and open shelving are a common choice, but a handy utility cart can also be a stylish option. Just be sure to keep items stored away when not in use so that the surface is free from clutter.

A Scandinavian kitchen can go a long way toward creating a cozy and welcoming space for the entire family. Don’t be afraid to incorporate rustic touches into a sleek and modern space, as seen in this kitchen from Fantastic Frank. Rustic-wood cabinets and a birch plywood countertop define the minimalist design, while white walls and a contrasting backsplash add a fresh feel. A large photography print and a pair of wooden bar stools lends this kitchen an additional touch of Scandi style. A whitewashed floor and a vintage stove complete the look. If you wish to send your article to masezza, you can check out this page!



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