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Creating a Small Mediterranean Living Room – Creating a small Mediterranean living room is easy when you consider the size and color of a sofa and chairs. Most of the Mediterranean countries have a great variety of seating options. You can easily find the perfect place to sit without the hassles of moving from across the street. There are a few things to keep in mind when decorating a small space. It is good to first consider how much area you have and plan accordingly.

Tips for Choosing Furniture for a Small Living Room

First, think about the amount of space you have available for a given area in your house. The size of the area will dictate the furniture that you can buy for the room. You don’t want to buy too many items that will make the room seem crowded or too many pieces that will make the area feel cluttered.

Consider your furnishings. It’s not enough to simply pick up some colorful accent pillows. Your pillows must match the colors of the walls and other items in the room. If you create a scheme based on the colors in the furniture, it will be easier to create the look you want.

Consider the area rug. Many people choose a colorful area rug because it makes the area feel more like a room in their home rather than a section of their outdoor patio. If you have a large amount of seating in the area, you may want to go with a larger area rug so that it doesn’t get overlooked.

Creating Views with Attractive Shapes

Use furniture with texture to create the look you are going for. Choose furniture with interesting shapes, bold colors, and lots of different textures. If you are in an area that receives a lot of foot traffic, add furniture with fabric-covered accents. If you are looking to create a more intimate atmosphere, go with fabric-covered cushions on chairs and ottomans.

Don’t overcrowd the space. A room can look empty if you place too many items in it. You want the area to feel open and fresh, not cramped and stuffy. Leave at least one foot of white space in your room, preferably more. If you need more seating, add a coffee table, end table, or an area rug to make up the difference.

Creating a small Mediterranean living room can be a challenge, but if you plan things out carefully you can create the look you love. Your living room will definitely have a unique look that you will enjoy for years to come. With a little careful planning, you can get the look you want in a space that is both inviting at the same time.

Adding Rug That Match Furniture

A coffee table, or area rug, adds warmth and enhances the look of the area. Area rugs can be used in different areas, such as the living room or a bedroom. An area rug makes a big difference when trying to create a very casual look. Area rugs are also ideal for families because they absorb spills and are easy to clean. When choosing an area rug, look for one that coordinates well with other pieces in the room.

Using a large area rug underneath a couch can help you make almost any area feel comfortable. Larger rugs can help break up large spaces and define separate areas. Using a large area rug in a small living room makes it feel cozier and can brighten a room. A large area rug under a sofa can pull the eye away from the television and other media so that the focus will be on the area rug.

Ideas for Using the Right Accessories

Another way that you can add more color and life to a room without making over-the-top furniture or changing the furniture completely is to add some accessories. You may want to add an accent table or shelf to help define the space. As with the use of large area rugs, be careful not to put too much furniture in a small space. Keep in mind the scale of your furniture and how much clutter you can add. Adding accessories can also help pull a room together if you have too many items already there.

A small living room is not too difficult to decorate. All it takes is a bit of imagination and creativity. With a bit of thought, you can turn an area that may seem boring into a space that invites conversation and would even make a great family room. Enjoy!



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