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Creating Victorian Interior Design Characteristics – Victorian Interior Design is one of the most popular interior design styles of the past. It is one of the most romantic, elegant and unique. The Victorian style is characterized by its clean lines, large windows, minimal decoration and a vintage charm. These factors have made the Victorian interior one of the most fashionable today.

Vintage Charm Victorian Interior Design Style

Victorians have designed a number of different kinds of houses. Some of them have a modern look, while others are more country-like. However, there is a lot that unites the two. All the houses designed by the Victorian interior design style have a vintage charm that makes them look like they belong in the past. Some are more country, while others have a more metropolitan feel.

One of the most popular features of the Victorian interior is the large windows. As the name suggests, these windows are usually big, allowing ample natural light to enter the rooms. They give an appearance that the house is larger than it really is, due to the large amount of glass used. These windows are found in the dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, corridors and bathrooms.

The Furniture Used is Victorian Style with Natural Accents

In terms of furniture, this Victorian style is known to be ornate in nature. Due to the period of time this style was created, there is a great variety in the kind of furniture available. The pieces are usually very ornate. There are many examples of this ornate furniture, which include the following pieces:

In terms of accessories, the Victorian interior decorating style is not complete without the presence of several antiques. These antiques include China, tapestries, mirrors and vases. In the dining room, you will find an antique dining table, which is usually made from oak or walnut. It can add a very elegant touch to your interior. A similar type of antique is the so called crystal tray, which is used in the bedroom to hold decorative items.

Other accessories include dressing tables, which are used to hold dresses and other articles of clothing. This design helps in creating an illusion of bigger rooms. Dressing tables for instance have oversized glass doors, which help them to house different kinds of clothing. Some other accessories include antique jewelry, mirrors and towels.

Lighting In Victorian Interior Design

Due to the popularity of this particular interior design, there were many changes that took place in the Victorian era. The introduction of electric lighting, which has since become an essential part of every home nowadays, became one of the most important changes in this period. Colors were also shifted from light to dark. Apart from these major changes, many other minor ones also occurred during the Victorian era. These are the things that make up the Victorian interior design.

Some of the most commonly used materials in Victorian interiors include wood, steel and wrought iron. The most commonly used furniture is the so-called tapestry chair. These chairs are made up of a leather top, with a backrest and seat. Other types of furniture that are commonly used in Victorian era are wardrobes, which are found in all sizes and shapes.


Coriums are another feature of the Victorian interior design. Coriums are basically tubular furnishing, which consists of a series of tiers. The inside of a forum is made up of metal strips that have been bent into different shapes, which provide the base for the lamps. Chandeliers and ceiling fans are also commonly used in this interior style.

Characteristics of Victorian Style Interior Decoration

Corall tables are another feature of this interior decoration style. Corall tables are basically large table legs that extend out at both ends. The legs of a corall table are typically crafted from wood, though other materials are also used such as wrought iron and glass. Corall tables are usually accompanied by tall sleek chairs that resemble study tables. These chairs are decorated with elaborate golden-colored cutouts. Drapes are used on the walls of many a Victorian interior.

Wallpaper can be found in abundance in the Victorian-era. There are several techniques used to decorate wallpaper, which can all be applied to the interior design. Paintings or drawings can be spotted on wallpaper, which are usually done by hand. Wallpaper in the Victorian-era was done with ink-based paints and those paintings and drawings were done using water-based colors. Colors of white and cream were the most commonly used for this purpose.


One thing that the Victorian-era lacked was the ability to purchase decorative accessories. Accessories such as picture frames were uncommon in the period, though there were wall decor items such as bird feeders, vases and various types of pottery, which can still be seen in some of the more ornate Victorian interiors. Some of the most popular themes for this time period are nature, which depicts landscapes. Another popular theme was the Industrial Revolution, which can be seen in the use of various metals in the home. Most Victorian interiors were decorated with wallpaper and pictures of landscapes.



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