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Decorating Ideas For Shabby Chic Dining Rooms – If you are looking to jazz up your shabby chic dining room you can do so with just a few decorative accessories. What do we mean by just a few? Well, it all depends on your tastes. Do you want to go vintage? Maybe a byword for vintage style furniture is shabby chic dining room chairs. Or maybe you would prefer a more contemporary take on the same motif.

Features of Shabby Chic Dining Room Chairs

A byword for shabby chic dining room chairs is a whitewashed cedar sideboard or credenza. An older curio that you picked up from an antique store in your neighborhood may be your best bet for a gorgeous piece of your newly updated shabby chic dining area. distressed wood is considered a must-have for your shabby chic dining room, which can range from rustic dining tables to a simple small plateholder at the center of the table. A chandelier may also add a touch of class.


If you’re more into a more romantic setting, a crystal chandelier is a must. In addition to being absolutely romantic, a crystal chandelier in your rustic shabby chic dining room will add a touch of sophistication to your home. A chandelier is great for both elegance and sexiness. A romantic scene can be conjured up beautifully when your dining area has a crystal chandelier as its focal point. You can have just one or accessorize it with several chandeliers; a dimmer switch will change the mood.

Tips for Perfectly Decorating a Shabby Chic Dining Room

When decorating your shabby chic dining room, make sure that there is plenty of open space. The walls should be bare, but you should keep the furniture covered so that no trace of dust is visible. Use floral accents on the walls, such as delicate rosebuds and colorful roses. Keep in mind the proportions of the room when choosing wall art; make sure that it doesn’t overpower the space. The most important aspect of this type of decorating is to keep the look open and light, as clutter tends to make rooms look cramped.

Adding a few key pieces of shabby chic furniture and a couple of fresh flowers can transform your rustic chic dining room into a romantic getaway. Choose a large round table with lots of seating and add a couple colorful flower holders on either side of the table. Place a fresh flower on the table, like a bunch of daisies or marigolds. An artist painted a bird or squirrel covered in pale pink or yellow flowers on a shelf just above the seating and placed it on the table just below the fresh flowers.

Best Design Antique Crystal Chandelier

Adding vintage crystals to your shabby chic dining room can create a stunning look that brings in the charm of the old country. You can find a variety of vintage crystal pieces on sale at flea markets and garage sales, so check out the availability before investing in one. A round wooden coffee table can also be added to the space, if you don’t want to buy a new one. Add a vintage crystal chandelier and it will be great; just watch out for the wires as they can snag and damage your crystal chandelier.

Another way to create a shabby chic dining room is to fill the space with flowers. You can use small plants or fake plants as accessories to dress up the room. Incorporate a few potted herbs in plant pots or spray plants with fake foliage to make them come to life. Another idea is to use an old baby bottle as a candle holder. Use flowers that you can easily grow yourself such as ivy, hydrangeas, and roses; choose pretty ones that complement your decorating style.

For shabby chic dining rooms, keep the style simple and clean. You do not have to decorate with fancy tablecloths and linen; you can use plain dishes and glasses instead. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things so you can find a look that works for you. Remember to add some candles to your decorating theme; there is nothing quite like an elegant candle lit meal for two!



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