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Home Decorating – Using Traditional Furniture Styles – Traditional furniture refers to any item that looks like the classical styles of the late 19th century or before. Typically, furniture from this period tends to be either made from dark, heavy hard wood or from veneers that are made from thin layers of porcelain. The furniture is usually very large and heavy, with elaborate carvings or inlays. Sometimes this style furniture can resemble period beds or chairs. However, true traditional furniture always has a timeless quality and can never be considered imitation.

Various Styles of Modern Furniture

These days, there are a variety of modern styles of furniture that can be considered traditional furniture. Most styles tend to be either minimalist or they are inspired by various traditional designs. Here are some of the most popular styles of traditional furniture.

This style of interior decor is a great option for those who want to create a traditional look in their home without completely changing the interior. Classic country themes work well with soft floral accents and soft, pale blues and whites. This style often uses solid wood floors and exposed nailheads, making it a little less formal than some of the other options. Because there are no intricate carvings or detailed designs, there are few boundaries to this style; therefore it is perfect for those looking to add a touch of class to a room without making drastic changes.

Main Characteristics of Traditional Furniture

Ornate detailing is one of the key characteristics of traditional furniture. Detailed armoires and intricate drawing of figures can make small rooms appear much larger. The use of painted finishes and patinas also adds to the charm of this style. These furnishings have an antique look that is hard to imitate.

This style of furniture was originally created to help create a sense of order and permanence in homes. In the early 19th century, ornate designs became popular with the arrival of the age of motor cars and factories. As people had to commute from one home to another, they began to dislike the monotony of simple, straight lines. By creating traditional furniture pieces with elaborate carvings and delicate floral accents, they hoped to create a more welcoming atmosphere and leave less room for boredom.

Favorite Decorating Style

This decorating style is a favorite among homeowners who prefer a more simplistic approach. Although you don’t have to match your furniture styles exactly, you should try to create a sense of uniformity within your home. This works best when using a few coordinating accessories, such as rugs or fabrics. Many choose to combine traditional design with modern elements, such as clean lines and sleek, metal appliances. They tend to avoid bold color schemes and textures in favor of muted shades and softer, more relaxing pieces.

The formal opulence of the French country kitchen is easily translated into this more formal decorating style. Clean lines and a lack of ornamentation define this style. Your main goal is to create an environment that looks like it’s from a magazine. Use light, airy drapes and furnishings, such as a table and chairs with curved backs and legs, for a classic look. Accent the clean lines with bold colors, polished brass knobs, and a few decorative pieces, such as an iron pot rack.

If you prefer a quieter atmosphere, look for traditional furniture styles with curved back rests, wide arms, and graceful scrollwork. Opt for tables without any legs, as this creates a stunning effect. In addition to traditional furniture pieces, you might want to consider vintage accessories, such as old-fashioned chairs or Queen Anne style furniture. You can also add wicker baskets and other rustic furnishings to complete the look.



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