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The Functionality of a Minimalist Home Office – The first thing you have to do when designing a minimalist home office is to decide on a theme for your design. The most common themes for a home office include a cozy nook with a cozy chair. Some people like to incorporate art pieces into their minimalist home office design while others like to keep it minimalist and simple. The colors that are used in a minimalist home office may range depending on the people’s taste, but most often they are all neutral shades with touches of pattern and texture. The best colors to use for a minimalist home office are those that don’t stand out as much. Warmth and depth can come from an area rug, the right furniture, the warmest light fixtures or the coolest metal finishes.

Tips for Designing a Minimalist Home Office

For a minimalist home office, a desk is often the biggest piece of furniture you will add in. Your desk can be anything, from a basic computer desk with no drawers to a large wooden work table with lots of surface area. The desk can be one of many pieces of furniture or one piece such as a writing desk, a file cabinet or a bookcase. A small corner desk is also a great space saver if you need that extra bit of surface space. You can get as creative with your desk as you like as long as it has enough surface area to fit all of your necessary paperwork and office supplies.

If your desk is too plain, a centerpiece can help to draw the eye away from the blandness of the room. A centerpiece for your minimalist home office could be a vase filled with fresh flowers or a plant that adds color and life to the room. An interesting centerpiece would be a painting or print on a canvas. Try to keep the painting simple so that the attention drawn to the print is not drawn away by more intricate artwork. Another great idea for a centerpiece in your minimalist space is a small brass or copper container with an odd shape or pattern carved out of it. Using these containers as your storage for papers, photos and other office supplies keeps them out of sight but not out of mind.

Creating Additional Storage Space

To create additional storage space in your minimalist home office setup, you can add drawers, cabinets or shelves. Drawers, especially, are great for keeping important documents in such a setup. They can be kept in their own little compartment out of the way so that papers are not buried or stacked haphazardly. You can even install hooks or brackets along the bottom of the drawers to hang them properly so that they don’t stick out and become an eyesore.

One area that often gets overlooked as part of a minimalist home office setup is lighting. This is an area where you want to be sure to find just the right kind of lighting to brighten things up. For a small office, this can often be achieved with just a few well placed lamps or ceiling fixtures, depending upon what works best for you. Remember to always use shades when you’re working with light, though, because too much light can be distracting.

Comfortable Minimalist Home Office Rug Usage

A soft area rug can go a long way toward making your minimalist home office cozy and inviting. Look for one that is made of material that breathes and is made of natural fibers for the best comfort and warmth. A great place to find these is at either a department store or a high-end bedding and accessories store.

Because a minimalist home office has so few furnishings and so much emphasis on plain and basic design, it’s easy to get caught up in choosing the perfect desk for your space. One great choice for your desk in this style of office is a corner desk, which is extremely space-saving and can fit in with any decor. Not only will it look great in your minimalist home office, but you’ll find that using one really helps to create an organized, clean look throughout your entire office.

Because the minimalist home office design workspace is so open and spacious, there are plenty of things that you can put in here. As mentioned before, a great place to put a desk is in the corner, because this provides ample space for other things to fit in as well. Some other options for the perfect home office desk would be bookshelves that are smaller in size, which allow you to save space while providing the ability to display more of your favorite reading material. Other useful pieces of furniture for your minimalist home office would include small filing cabinets, lamps, a bookcase, or a coffee table, because they all have the ability to make your workspace look amazing while also providing a lot of functionality.



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